palms open yoga sitting pose

Your Practice is always a practice.

I’ve been trying to work on being more committed to my yoga practice lately and with that comes not
only seeing what I feel like my strengths are but also what I face as challenges in my practice day today.
Currently, I attend yoga three times a week. What I have been noticing as my biggest challenge I seem to
face is letting go and allowing my mind and body to be present together. There are some days where I
can show up on my mat physically, but maybe I’m not mentally ready for my practice. Or there are times
where I feel physically ready to practice and I get on my mat and my mind instantly clouds with

Really, I’m learning it’s all about balance. I can’t always predict where I’m at when I show up on my mat,
but I can do my best to try and be present in the moment. I think that is a relatable challenge on and off
my mat for everyone out there. My mat is where I can come to let go of the day to day and focus on
myself. My time away from my normal routine. But at the same time, I have found that my greatest
challenge is also my greatest joy. I consider it a good practice when I can let go and focus, that’s a win
for me.

At the beginning of practicing yoga, I noticed I was being hard on myself, putting myself down for not
being able to focus like I thought I should. I would look around the room and see others really into their
poses and I thought, “wow , they are so committed, strong, and focused” So now, the question I’ve been
asking myself is how do I get myself to that point? Instead of putting myself down for not always
understanding why I can’t get into it I’m just trying to listen to what is keeping me distracted and focus
my breath in those areas. Whether it be thoughts from my day, self-doubt of a pose, the heat, shaky
muscles, I know my breath will carry me through the practice no matter what. That I’ve found has really
helped me. Also setting an intention. That has made me more accountable in class for myself. The one
that resonates with me the most is “I am capable”.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned through this challenge is knowing it may always be a challenge for
me. But I have the tools to set myself up for success if I choose to. Starting with the foundation of breath
and intention to help carry me through my practice really make a difference. I can acknowledge there
are going to be areas I can always grow in, but that is the beauty of yoga – it’s personal. It’s what I make
it and what I want it to be, not what anyone else wants. It’s what keeps me showing up knowing that I
am capable.

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