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Yoga; an unexpected journey.

I knew for a fact yoga was 100% NOT for me. Well, at least that's what I thought before I actually tried out a class.

Downward dog.

Child’s pose.



Those are the only four poses I knew before I began yoga in February 2017.  Like many yogis, I NEVER expected to take a class and stick with it.  I am an athlete.  I am a runner.  I like high-intensity workouts and competition.  I was intimated to take yoga because I couldn’t touch my toes. In my mind, yoga was NOT for me.

In February of 2017, I had been going through an emotional time, looking for answers and direction. I had been interviewing for another job which would have meant selling our house, relocating, and finding a new job for my husband.

I was beyond happy where I was, but felt something pulling me to interview.  During the next three months, I kept this a secret from most of my friends, all while trying to maintain a “trusting the process” attitude.

Enter into my life:  YOGA!

It was “Bring a Friend Week” at Evolution Power Yoga and the aide in my classroom at work invited me to take a class with her. She knew a little about my struggles (it was hard not to cry at times about it). I figured I would try it that week and be done. I hated feeling inferior at workout places. Like I mentioned before, I knew four poses before starting yoga.

But, I had been working a lot at self-development and one of my challenges to myself was to do something outside of my comfort zone once a day. And am I SO glad I did! Baptise yoga helps to identify your “why”.

why am I moving this way?

why am I expressing this way?

and why am I doing the things I do in the rest of my life?

If it weren’t for yoga, my mental mindset and body would have been overtaken by anxiety, fear, and stress. I started with an unlimited month, which turned into a year of practicing. The varying levels, ages, and athletic abilities has kept me coming back. The only judgment in yoga is the judgment you put on yourself.

For quite some time I couldn’t do many poses and would just try over and over and fall each time.  That’s the BEAUTY of yoga. You’ll be a disaster. Yoga and the community at EPY has allowed me to embrace change and growth in more ways than one.

In case you were wondering, I never did end up getting that job I had been interviewing for.  And you know what? I am PERFECTLY happy and know I’m where I’m meant to be.

Yoga taught me to let go of control and let life happen FOR me.

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