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Why you should consider taking part in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program

40 Days to Personal Revolution is about taking action - taking an honest look at where you currently are in life, implementing practices that shift your day to day choices, and laying the foundation from which to live your highest potential.

Author: Megan Waterfield 

What is 40 Days to Personal Revolution?
Twice each year, the Evolution Power Yoga (EPY) studios host the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program created by the Baptiste Institution. Talk to any student or teacher who’s participated in the program before and you’ll hear it described as “life-changing” or “transformational” or “exactly what I needed.” 

But what exactly is 40 Days to Personal Revolution? According to the Baptiste Institution, “Baron Baptiste—one of the world’s most beloved master yoga teachers—inspires us to transform more than body and mind: He gives us the tools we need to set ourselves free to live the healthful life we’ve always imagined.” Throughout the 40 day program, you practice yoga, meditation, diet, and personal inquiry with guidance from Baron Baptiste’s book

So what does 40 Days to Personal Revolution mean to Evolution Power Yoga? We sat down with Kait Linton, Lancaster’s assistant studio manager and teacher, to learn more about the program and how it’s impacted her life. Kait’s passion for 40 Days to Personal Revolution has inspired her to take the lead in planning our January 2020 program.

A little bit about Kait
Kait has been practicing yoga since 2001 (at EPY since 2016) and is one of the managers at our Lancaster studio. She began teaching in August 2019 and has participated in the 40 Days program at Evolution three times so far – January 2020 will be her 4th session, and she’s really looking forward to it!

In one sentence, what is 40 Days to Personal Revolution all about?
Kait sums is up perfectly.
“40 Days to Personal Revolution is about taking action – taking an honest look at where you currently are in life, implementing practices that shift your day to day choices, and laying the foundation from which to live your highest potential.”

What made you decide to become involved with the 40 Days program?
“The first time I participated in 40 Days, I was in the midst of making some major changes in my life. I was working to heal my body from chronic illness and received the program as a birthday gift from my friend.” 

40 Days gave me the structure I needed to begin regular yoga and meditation practices and journal exercises that helped me understand where I was and what could be possible for me if I took action, all with a community that I could share the transformation I was experiencing. 
The program resonates so deeply with what I believe we are all capable of when we have the support, the tools, and the will to commit to growth. 40 Days shows up in my daily life now and I want to share that with everyone I know.”

Why do we do 40 Days to Personal Evolution every year at Evolution Power Yoga?
“At Evolution, we typically host the 40 Days Program twice a year – once in January and once in the spring. While the program can be done any time of year, we like to host one at the start of the calendar year because lots of folks use that time to set intentions, try new things, and make changes in their life for their health and wellbeing. 

Historically at Evolution, we have hosted the 40 Days Program beginning in January, then 40 days off before the start of the next session in the spring. This gives participants a chance to use the tools they cultivate during the winter session, implement them on their own in their daily lives, then participate in the spring program as a way to solidify what’s working for them in their personal revolution. 

40 Days to Personal Revolution is more than a 6 week program – it’s an opportunity for long lasting transformation.” 

Photo Credit: Jenny Foster

How can 40 Days to Personal Revolution grow your yoga practice?
“A lot of folks think of yoga as the physical poses (the asana). However, according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the asana is only one of the eight limbs of yoga. Because yoga is more than the physical act of shaping your body into poses, the 40 Days program is an incredible way to cultivate and grow your yoga practice into your daily life. 

Things like breath work, meditation, and living your life in a more mindful way are all part of that. 40 Days to Personal Revolution participants do yoga every day during the program, beginning with a 20-minute practice and gradually increasing the length of time each week. When you step onto your mat every day, you have a chance to really notice how your body moves, feels, and grows stronger with a regular practice. 
During Evolution’s upcoming winter session, each weekend will feature a workshop in one of our four studios. These workshops are a place where students can really dive into aspects of their practice – foundations of breath and focus, core integration, backbending, etc. These workshops are designed for students of all levels and will be a great place to ask questions, learn about proper alignment, and have community support while exploring what’s possible in their practice.”

How can the 40 Days Program grow you personally and/or professionally?

When you work the program, it works. That work transfers out into all aspects of your daily life. 

Baron Baptiste says, ‘As you start to align your mind with the Laws of Transformation… you will start to see that the transformation happens naturally… your bad habits will start to release their grip on you. You will discover, as [he] did, that external changes happen when we adjust the inner workings of our minds…’

 40 Days to Personal Revolution is an invitation to stop swimming upstream and to be more at peace with the pressure of daily life. Thus, while doing the work of the program, you may experience more peace, clarity, and focus in your professional life or relationships. Who doesn’t want more of that in their life?”

You’ve got us hooked, Kait! 

For people who are already signed up or are interested in signing up for the program, what should we expect? 

“Expect to get out of the program what you put into it. When we pick and choose which aspects of a thing we do, we get results that reflect that choice. You don’t get a Personal Revolution without putting time and effort into yourself

Expect to get the most out of the program by showing up to the weekly meetings. There’s something special and motivating about being in a room with other people who are doing the same work that you are. The connection and level of understanding of the work you are doing will likely not be matched by anyone who isn’t going through the program with you. Even those of us who have done the program before recognize that each class of participants has its own energy that makes space for discoveries that are unique and necessary to that time and place in your life. 
Expect to read or hear things you may never have heard or considered before. You will likely be invited to think of things or try something you never thought you would. The whole point of the program is to get different results from those you’re currently getting. When we are willing to listen and consider ideas or actions outside of our normal day-to-day, we find access to something new. 

Expect to meet teachers and community members who care about your growth. One of the reasons Evolution is an amazing place to do this program is because of the people who make up its community. The teachers, staff, and people who come to our studios are from all walks of life. It is through their commitment to showing up that they celebrate everyone else’s presence and contribution. Evolution Power Yoga is a community of people up to something bigger than themselves. The 40 Days Program is a great way to be connected to that. I have seen it in myself and in others —  when we heal ourselves, our healing empowers those around us to heal as well.”

Photo Credit: Jenny Foster

Start the new year off right!
Interested in learning more about our 40 Days to Personal Revolution program? Read more here or call your local Evolution Power Yoga studio for additional  information! We’d love to share this life-changing experience with you.

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