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Why choose 40 Days?

40 Days to Revolution with Evolution
This new year we will be hosting our most popular program, 40 Days to Personal Revolution. We recommend this program to every yogi. Read on to find out why and learn more about this 40-day Journey.
Based on the Baron Baptiste book, this program offers a life-changing exploration in personal accountability and authenticity. In addition to your own personal yoga practice and meditation, you’ll join our supportive group for a weekly meeting to uncover your personal power and let go of that which doesn’t serve you. You will discover tools to bring balance and positivity into your nutritional and personal wellness routine. By immersing yourself in positive, balanced living and self-inquiry, you will find a new source of energy and awareness that will impact your relationships with both yourself and others.
The program will be held at every Evolution studio – Beginning the third week of January. During the 40 days program, weekly sessions will take place at each of our studios during the following:

Harrisburg – Sundays 1:30-3pm,  January 13th – February 17th

York – Tuesdays 7-830pm,  January 15th – February 17th
Lancaster: Thursdays 7-830pm,  January 17th-February 21st
Lititz – Thursdays 7-830pm,  January 17th-February 21st
Each week includes:
  • A daily yoga and meditation practice.
  • Exploration and discussion of the 12 Laws + a weekly theme.
  • Accountability and encouragement from program participants and leaders.
  • A weekly 1.5-hour group meeting.
  • Guided meditation.
  • Large group discussion and small group shares and inquiry work.
  • Journey into Power: Pose & integration workshopping.
  • Principles to bring balance and awareness into your life; from what you put into your body, your personal self-care routine, defaults in thinking patterns and actions, relationships with yourself and others, and your overall way of being.
  • Instruction to begin and deepen your meditation practice.
  • Excavation questions to encourage curiosity, self-reflection, and exploration.
The most beneficial aspect of this program is that it will guide you to your personal revolution. Its purpose is to set you free from the daily habits that you do to escape. Some examples of daily habits that our participants have broken with this program are negative thought patterns, smoking, biting nails, being late, cell phone use, toxic relationships, and unhealthy diet. The program accomplishes this by grounding in self-inquiry, self-awareness and self-care. Participants will experience increased mindfulness that allows them to be in the present moment. Accessing Baptiste’s wisdom, with the support of a class community, truly has the potential to be life-changing.
Kait, a yogi that participated in the program, describes how the program benefitted her:
“The program gave me the gift of accountability, something that really helps me succeed when trying to develop a new skill like daily meditation. I learned that meditating daily, even for just 5 or 10 minutes, makes a huge difference in how I show up for myself and for those around me. Much like exercising the body, gradually building the mental and spiritual muscles through a regular meditation practice took time, patience, and a willingness to keep trying.”
Finding the balance between ease and effort throughout the program helped me to connect what I was making time for in my daily life to how I was showing up on my mat. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to make my diet a priority. Clearing out mental clutter while also intentionally choosing foods that support a healing environment is an amazing feeling. Having group members and classmates to share ideas & recipes with was fun, too!”
Are you ready to commit to your own self-growth and self-care by signing up for 40 Days? Or maybe you want to inspire someone you love to do this by giving the program as a gift this holiday season.

To sign up visit the Events tab of the website and choose your desired location. The cost of the program is $125.00. If you sign up for both winter and spring sessions, (begins the week of April 7th) we are offering a discounted price of $199.00 for both seasons.

The benefit of signing up for the Winter AND Spring sessions is to get; 40 days in the program, 40 days out, and then 40 days back to reassess and refocus. This cycle gives an opportunity to “hold your own” for 40 days, applying your inquiry and knowledge to your daily life. Then you can dive back into the support and accountability of a group/program to recommit and strengthen areas of weakness or choose a new focus. This double session commitment helps you feel and see the growth being done within.

Take this opportunity to listen, share and connect with yourself and others. Discover a new way of living. 

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