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vitality, power, and freedom.

That’s exactly what your yoga practice at Evolution Power Yoga will give you access to. While that looks and means different things to different people – we can guarantee that if you make the choice and commit to your practice that vitality, power, and freedom will reveal itself in your life, long after you roll up your mat. This is a practice for anybody. There’s nothing you need to do before starting; right where you are, as you are, is exactly where you are meant to be.

What You Will Get

Evolution exists to lead individuals into their greatest possibility – all individuals, regardless of age, gender, experience, ability, or otherwise. There is no one size fits all yoga practice or style which is why we offer various practice formats, classes, and packages built to suit any lifestyle, fitness goal, or schedule.

Our community is an incredible mix of welcoming, inspiring, and empowering humans from all walks of life who can’t wait to meet you.

Our team members and instructors are all certified and here to guide, support, and encourage you throughout your yoga practice. Most importantly, we’re here to help you feel safe and comfortable. 

Ways You Can Practice

The hardest part of a wellness routine should be the work you do when you’re on your mat, not the work it takes just to make it to class. That’s why we offer ,multiple practice formats so no matter your location in the world or your life schedule, there is always an opportunity to roll out your mat and make your practice happen


Join us in person at any of our 3 studio locations!  A safe, healthy, and clean studio space and a welcoming community are all waiting for you!


Connect and interact with teachers and your community by joining any of our real-time, 4K Livestream virtual classes – over 45 every week!

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First Time Student FAQ:

Right here. We practice Journey Into Power; a sequence that leaves you in control of the level of effort and ease. Simply by modifying poses you can increase the intensity and heat or dial it down a notch to tap into some ease.

Don’t know the poses? No problem, look around the room to get an idea of the shape of the pose. Look as reference and not as comparison – nobody’s practice or body looks the same or moves the same as someone else’s. You are right where you need to be doing what you need to do. If you find this style and practice is a fit for you, then progression will happen when you commit to a consistent practice.

Booking a class is easy online, just visit our website and view schedules. It’s best to book your in-studio class in advance to limit your interaction time at the front desk and assure there is a space available in the studio. We do accept walk-in bookings, but we cannot guarantee a mat space will be available. For Virtual classes, it is best to register at least an hour in advance so that you have ample time to receive the virtual class link prior to class beginning. 

When just starting out, we suggest coming to at least 3 classes before deciding if this is a practice or the studio for you. If you decide it is, then it all depends on your personal goals, intentions, and the results you are looking for. We have a saying here: practice 3 times a week to change your body, practice 5 times a week to change your life (it’s true!).

YES! The space where you roll out your mat doesn’t determine your practice – you do. Our virtual classes are a see me see you format for you and the instructor, so your instructor will be speaking to you as if you were in the room in front of them. You can also see other yogis on the screen while your practicing which brings new kind of community energy – there’s something special about knowing you are in the work and creation with others all around the world.

* Tips for setting up a home practice *

  • Small spaces aren’t an issue – they actually work great! All you need is enough space to roll out your mat
  • Set up your computer or device in a position so that the instructor can see your full body – this allows them to speak to you directly during class!
  • Grab a block and strap, or use household products like a book or scarf as tools for your practice
  • A small space heater is the perfect addition to get that “in-studio” feel while you’re moving on your mat
  • Want the ideal combo? Grab a small space heater and a humidifier and you have yourself a vinyasa yoga studio in your living room or bathroom!

We first request that you get a clearing from your doctor to safely practice. If they determine you are safe to engage in this type of physical work; you can adapt the practice to suit your abilities and needs by modifying poses. Not sure how to modify? Schedule a private session to custom create a practice that suits you specifically – or just ask an instructor! We are more than happy to show you what is possible.

In the simplest terms – because it works. The Journey Into Power Sequence is energetically built to create an inner heat that builds throughout the first half of the practice to warm your muscles and allow for change to happen, peeks, and then gradually cools down to balance the effort with the ease.

You won’t if you stay in the work. The teacher, your state of mind and physical being, others in the class; these all create a unique experience each time you step on your mat. When you do find yourself feeling bored and just doing the motions (we all experience this at some point) that’s your sign that you’re ready to push your comfort zone and expand your practice. Intensify poses to add challenge, try on new ways of doing things, set a specific goal (headstand, handstand) get curious – the options are limitless. There is always something new to learn and discover on the mat, you just need to be in the listening to what that is. Like we said – it’s a practice.

Yes! All of of our studio packages include both in-studio classes AND livestream virtual classes! Our Livestream class schedule can be found here

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!