What To Expect

Wear comfortable workout clothes.  Something you’ll feel free to stretch + sweat in.

Don’t worry about shoes.  We practice in bare feet.

Bring a Yoga Mat, Towel, Block, Strap + Water.  All of these items are available to rent or purchase at the studio.

Check-In at the front desk.  Say hello, fill out a new student form, and get a quick tour.

 Leave phones, shoes + personal items in the Cubbies. We recommend leaving valuables outside of the studio either at home or a secure and non-visible area in your car.


Not sure of something? Just ask. We are here to serve and make you feel comfortable. Want an insider view? Our seasoned students love to share their experience!

Go at your own pace and listen to your body. The Baptiste sequence we practice, Journey Into Power, is adaptable to all levels of experience and ability from new yogis to longtime practitioners. Our teachers are certified and are able to adapt the sequence to meet the needs of the class.

Is there anything else I should know before coming to class?  At Evolution Power Yoga, we are committed to maintaining a safe space for personal transformation and expression. With that in mind, you may find it helpful to become familiar with some common yoga etiquette to ensure that each student’s personal experience, space, and growth within the studio is valued and respected.


  •       Always check in with the instructor or scan your class card before class.
  •       Remove your shoes before entering the yoga space.
  •       Turn your cell phone off or switch it to silent before class.
  •       Respect the sanctity of the yoga space by refraining from loud conversations.
  •       Remember to take all of your belongings with you when you finish class.
  •       Please remember to attend to your personal hygiene and odor before, during, and after class and clean up any water or sweat that may have made its way to the floor. We provide mat spray for our students in the studio and recommend bringing a small towel for your own use.
  •       If you must arrive late: Please enter the yoga space quietly, set up your mat calmly, and begin your practice. If the main door to the boutique is locked at our Lancaster Studio, you may quietly enter through the Studio A doors.  Our York location has a back entrance available once class has begun. Remember—if you are rushed or frazzled, you bring that energy with you into the classroom.

If you must leave early: Place your mat at the back of the room to minimize disruption when you leave the class. To respect the experience and final relaxation for your classmates, please collect your belongings and exit the class before savasana begins.