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What to expect for your first power yoga class

If you are new to yoga or curious what a yoga class at Evolution Power Yoga will be like, I’m here to share about my first experience to give you an idea.

Written by Megan D.

If you are new to yoga or curious what a yoga class at Evolution Power Yoga will be like, I’m here to share about my first experience to give you an idea. 

My first time attending a class at Evolution was in February 2018 on a Saturday. I attended the Community Class at the Lancaster studio and just paid to drop in so that I could get a feel for what practicing at the Evolution studio would be like before deciding if I wanted a class package or not. 

Since it was my first time there, I arrived fifteen minutes early to fill out a New Student Form. After filling out the form, I asked for a tour of the facility and was blown away by the beautiful design of the studio. I was instantly in love with the large windows in the studio space providing lots of natural light, the high level of cleanliness throughout, the bathrooms with showers (I could practice before work!), and the cute boutique in the front as you entered the lobby. 

Everyone working at the studio was friendly and welcoming. It felt like a safe space for me. I was really hoping that I would fall in love with the practice there, and I did!

Pictured above: Megan, Evolution Blogger. Photo credit: Morgan Fatjo.

I had practiced power yoga before at a YMCA occasionally. This was my first time practicing at a studio solely dedicated to yoga, as well as doing the Baptiste Journey into Power Sequence. This is the sequence followed in every class at Evolution. It’s a practice based on syncing breath to movement and really tuning into what you are experiencing in your body throughout every moment. The pacing is faster, but you are encouraged to go at your pace and matching to your breath, everyone syncs up eventually in the sequence, so there is no feeling of being “behind”. 

The room temperature was around 94 degrees Fahrenheit. I looked at the thermostat because it felt very warm on a winter day. I was very sweaty, even in leggings and a sports bra! I was happy to have my water bottle with me to stay hydrated but I learned after this class that I needed a small towel with me to wipe my face off with.

I also learned that I needed a block to assist me in getting into poses and that my yoga mat from Target was not going to hold up in the heat or provide me a stable foundation. Since the mat I had wasn’t made for heat, it would crease when I was in any pose that required me to lunge and it would get slippery from my sweat. 

Luckily, the Lancaster studio has various mats available for purchase in the boutique which are made specifically to handle the heat and eco-friendly. If you’re not ready to invest in one, the studio also has mats, blocks, and straps, available for rent. I also ended up purchasing a mat strap to carry my mat with me that also doubles as a strap, which assists me in getting into poses like standing bow. 

Pictured above: what to bring to yoga (mat, block, water bottle, towel, and something to tie your hair back) Photo credit: Morgan Fatjo

Pictured above: what to wear to yoga. Clothing available in the Evolution Boutique. Photo credit: Morgan Fatjo

During class, the teacher assisted me occasionally to adjust my poses into proper alignment. This was extremely helpful as I was learning. The teacher also offered different variations of poses as she was teaching for both beginner and experienced students since everyone’s body bends and moves differently. The closer the class got to the end, the slower the pace became. It felt like a well-balanced progression of energy to ease. We ended the class in savasana, lying on the ground, relaxed. The teacher asked us to reflect and think of our intentions. This stuck out to me as one of my favorite things from this experience. I was so happy to have found a workout that blended spirituality and self-inquiry with the physical practice. To me, it makes my life feel more holistic. 

After class, I felt surprisingly refreshed. I could think more clearly. I took a nice hot bath afterward to treat myself to a day of self-care. I also noticed that it help me sleep soundly. The day after, my whole body hurt. I was waking up and forming new muscles everywhere! Especially my legs. I was looking forward to strengthening my body. Later that week, I purchased one month of unlimited yoga and began to practice regularly.

If you are thinking about practicing at Evolution, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It has changed my life completely. Not only am I stronger because of it, but I also love the Evolution community and have had many opportunities to learn more about wellness through programs at the studio like 40 Days. I have made so many friends that are interested in the same things as me! What are you waiting for? Get out to EPY!

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