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Prepping for a studio class

Most importantly – wear what you feel comfortable in! But here are a few tips: you’ll like sweat, so something lightweight and fast-drying is best. Avoid loose or baggy clothing so you don’t get tangled in your outfit when moving! We practice in bare feet because it provides the best grip, so you can leave your socks at home!

  • A quality mat intended for heated environments because they’re built specifically to keep you from slipping and sliding. We have mat rentals for $1 so you can try some out before you decide to invest!
  • A water bottle – hydration is super important!
  • A small towel: again, you’ll likely sweat so it’s good to have something handy to wipe off with.
  • Props are handy and act as extensions for certain poses: a block and strap, or something to use in their place like a water bottle or belt!

Absolutely! Everyone started with knowing nothing. In our style of yoga we have all levels in every class because we teach a sequence that can be scaled up or down to be a perfect fit for your body and your goals. The teacher is there to guide and offer support but you have complete control with your practice so listen to your body and adjust as needed!

If you’re new – which you likely are, we suggest arriving 15 minutes before class begins so you can get familiar with the studio and get set up before class begins without being rushed. We can get busy during an event like this so earlier is usually better. If you happen to arrive and class has already started, just slip in quietly using the studio door and then meet the teacher at the desk once class ends to get registered!

We allow our instructors the freedom to choose whether or not to offer assists throughout their class. If they do offer assists, you’ll receive a card when you check in to class that allows you to indicate whether or not you are comfortable accepting hands on assists. You are welcome to flip it to yes or no at anytime during your practice.

Prepping for a Livestream class

The most important thing to having a fun and successful Livestream class begins with your WiFi connection. You’ll want to make sure you have a strong and stable connection where ever you set up your device and mat. Our Livestream classes differ in that they are an interactive experience where our instructor can see you and offer verbal assists or celebrate when you accomplish a goal, so a device with a camera is best!¬†

You’ll be sent a link to your Livestream class in your email inbox 30 minutes prior to class beginning. It’s best to register for a class in advance at least an hour before class begins so you can be sure you receive the link in time. You can also navigate to the class schedule online where you registered and click join from there.

Yes, you absolutely can! We have found those who are completely new to any type of yoga feel most comfortable beginning in a studio setting. If you don’t know the names of poses you have a better view of the room so you can get an idea of the shape until you become comfortable with the language.

They can! They can also talk to you, too, to offer real-time feedback and verbal cues to guide you in self-assists since you aren’t able to receive hands-on adjustment. Our Team also loves¬†to give shout-outs when they see you arrive at a new milestone in your practice.