virtual classes are included in all class packages



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Our live virtual classes are the ideal way to get your practice in no matter your location, experience, or comfort level. We see you and will support and encourage you just as we would in an in-studio class setting.

Don’t want to be seen? No problem, you can turn your camera off – but know that we would love it if we could see your face!

If you are struggling to set up a home practice space or getting started with zoom, scroll down for tips, and frequently asked questions.  Can’t find your answer? contact us – we are more than happy to help!

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FAQ's & Troubleshooting

YES! Virtual classes are included in all class packages and Memberships!

In order to assure you receive your auto-delivered class link in time, we suggest you register for class a minimum of one hour in advance

A few common reasons to not receive a class link:

1. Registering for class within the 1-hour timeframe (links are typically sent within the half-hour before class, but since these are auto-delivered via our booking service, this can vary. It is best to register for class a minimum of 1-hour in advance to assure you receive your link prior to class beginning
2. The link was sent to your spam folder
3. Security or a firewall is delaying the link from arriving in your inbox (we see this often with Comcast emails)
4. Booking an in-studio class and not a virtual class: a number of our virtual classes are hybrid classes that are both in-studio and virtual (the teacher is instructing both in studio participants and virtual participants). You may have registered for the in-studio class and not the virtual class by accident. Double check the class description includes “Virtual” in the title prior to booking.

If none of the above solve your problem, please contact us. Please advise: we do our very best to respond to all emails in a timely manner, however, issues do arise time to time when using any technology. We appreciate your understanding and patience.