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Our live-stream virtual classes are broadcasted in real-time from our studio in Lancaster, PA, and are a see me see you format where you can see the instructor and the instructor can see you allowing for personalized interaction and communication while you connect with your EPY community no matter where you are in the world! Check out our FAQ section at the bottom of this page for tips and answers to common questions!

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FAQ's & Troubleshooting

YES! Virtual classes are included in all class packages and Memberships!

A stable WiFi connection, computer or mobile device, and and a Zoom account are needed to participate in a virtual class. A device with a camera is preferred so the teacher can see your practice and interact with you, however, you are not required to turn your camera on (but we love when you do!)

We highly encourage students to register for class at least 30-minutes prior to class beginning to assure you receive the live-stream link in advance, however, you can register for a virtual class up until the start of the class

30-minutes prior to class beginning, you will receive an email from with a link to the virtual class. Adding the email address to your contact list can help reduce the chance of the email being sent into promotions or spam depending on your email provider.  If you do not receive a link a minimum of 5 minutes before class begins, please contact and we will be happy to assist you!

Our live-virtual classes allow for the instructor to see and interact with you in real time, so leaving your camera on is the best option so you can receive feedback and cues and so we can celebrate your accomplishments (we really do enjoy seeing everyone’s face, too!)

Gear: You will need your perfect yoga bundle (mat, strap, and block). But if you don’t have a strap or block don’t worry – find what works around your house! Block substitutes: water bottle, small sturdy box, book. Strap substitutes: scarf, dish towel, belt, dog leash.

Space: you will need enough space to roll out your mat and to freely raise your hands to the side and over your head. Double check that you can hold your leg out infront of you and to the side without bumping into anything.

Tips to take your home or office practice up a notch: Add a space heater if you are a lover of a warm studio practice (we’ve also seen students practice in a bathroom with hot water running and in a laundry room with the dryer running) Add a humidifier to the mix! (the dryer running solves both the heat and humidity need!) Essential oils: plug in a diffuser or roll on some essential oil once it’s time for savasana (it’s glorious!)

Anyone can take a virtual class, however, if you are new and unfamiliar with the names of poses or the form you may find a virtual class difficult since you don’t have the ability to look around a room at other bodies for shape reference. Our instructors will offers cues and guided self-assists, but you might be best taking a few in-person classes first or looking up pose names before jumping into a virtual class!