Thank you, Evolution.

Evolution isn’t just a place to practice yoga. Evolution is a family that welcomes everyone regardless of race, color, income or gender.

Our latest Community Spotlight features our very own Lancaster Teacher, Cris Foehlinger, with a special message to the Evolution Community as a whole.

Author: Cris Foehlinger; Evolution Teacher, Student, Community Member
Photography: Sam Interrante

Sunday morning, June 24, 2018, started out with meditation followed by a 90-minute yoga class led by our own Lisa Taylor.

The plan was to go home and practice riding my new motorcycle; getting used to the clutch, brakes and gear shifting. Afterward, I was looking forward to a master class for Evolution teachers.

That wasn’t in the cards for me. I lost control of the bike and in a panicked state, I accelerated, jumped a curb and flew 100 feet through the air before crashing.

I don’t remember a lot about it, but it was bad.

One of the first things I remember was seeing Lisa Taylor hanging a giant poster on the wall of the ICU room. That poster, which I still cherish, was signed by members and teachers, each of whom wrote inspirational and loving notes.

Since I joined the staff of Evolution in 2012, I’ve always known the community was special. But in my wildest dreams I never thought the love and support from teachers and students alike would be so profound.

I’m still hazy on what happened in what time frame; I may never know. What I do know is that there was not a time through my hospital stay and my rehab hospital stay that I was alone.

I had visitors every day and my husband, Ed, received offers to help in any and every way.

Even when I got home, still quite immobile, my angels as I call them, were there to make sure I had the love and energy to heal.

When I was ready to return to teaching, all bundled in my back brace, I was so anxious. It wasn’t about the brace and looking injured, but more about being able to teach through the pain.

My anxiety lifted so quickly after walking into the studio to more than 50 of the most special people clapping and welcoming me home. Balloons, flowers and lots of gentle hugs had me in tears. I felt the love like never before.

Evolution isn’t just a place to practice yoga. Evolution is a family that welcomes everyone regardless of race, color, income or gender.

I’m still in recovery, but every day I wake up with gratitude for the loving community I’m so lucky to be part of.

I’m back in the studio putting my practice back together. Each day, I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who live and walk in love.

So, I say thank you to everyone who touched my heart in even the smallest of ways. Without you, my recovery would be much slower.

I look forward to practicing with you, either teaching or on my mat.


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