Lauren S

Lauren S

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Level: Intern

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

I’ve been teaching since: 2016

I am inspired as a member of the EPY community by:  the community alone is something to be inspired by. No matter what age or gender, Evolution makes you feel welcome and accepted. The wide spectrum of students we have has is so colorful and unique, I love meeting new people and creating connections with the students. The people are the special key to this place and for that I’m grateful to have befriended some beautiful people from the EPY community.

I’m passionate about: Living my life to the fullest and dropping expectations. An important tool I learned through my leadership training was to drop expectations.  When you eliminate the urge to create a perfect version of yourself, you’ll learn to embrace the life you’re living and find release in the present moment.

A favorite quote: “Believe in Today”

What it means to me (the quote above):

What you should know about me: I’m an old soul who loves meeting new people every day, I enjoy learning from people and their experiences. I was a Karmi at EPY for a year and recently just graduated from the Fall Teacher Training 2015-16.