Kait L.

Kait L.

Kait Linton Headshot
Lancaster Studio Manager, BA English and African American Studies

I’ve been practicing yoga since: 2001

I’ve been teaching yoga since: Not yet! I’ll be in the Spring 2019 ACCESS Program in Lancaster – come join me!

The EPY community inspired me to become a teacher by: I have a teacher’s heart that loves to share what I believe in. Lifting others up makes my soul happy & Evolution does just that, accepting each one of us where we are, encouraging us to continue to show up for ourselves and each other. I am excited and honored to be a part of a community that consistently does that.

What you should know about me:  I have been a performer since age two – an actress, singer, musician, & speaker. I am very comfortable speaking in front of people. I believe in the human body’s ability to heal when it is given what it needs. I have experienced first hand the benefits of adopting a wholistic approach to wellness. It has saved my life.