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Hospital-grade ATMOS air purification system and state of the art anti-microbial flooring


Lancaster - 4 full bathrooms
York - 1 full, 1 half bath
Harrisburg - 1 full bathroom


Pleanty of parking directly behind the building


Yoga props, accessories, and apparel for the studio + street


Lucky you, the specific style and sequence we teach is built to suit which means every class is suitable for those with little experience. Through intensifying or customizing you create the level of effort or ease best fit for your body and experience level. 

PRO TIP – if you are unfamiliar with the pose names, set up in the back of the classroom so that you can reference other’s body shapes to get an idea for the pose

YES! Take advantage of our New to Yoga introductory offer and practice for a full 30 days as many times as you want and at any location you want (in-studio + virtual)!

In order to uphold our high sanitation standards we do not offer mat or prop rentals. We have all of the necessary practice essentials (mats, straps, blocks, towels, bags) available for purchase in our studio.

Not exactly! Yes, we teach a flow style yoga that moves between poses – but the word “power” refers to the ability to get work done in a short amount of time. Meaning, the ability to create deep transformation within the scope of a single yoga class is easily achievable and entirely in your control. If fast and hard is what you’re looking for you can achieve that through intensifying your poses – lunging deeper, widening your stance, holding poses longer, deepening your ujjayi breathing – there’s so many opportunities to turn up the heat!

If the word “power” is giving you pause, let go of that hesitation and doubt. You are perfectly capable exactly where and how you are today. Our team is highly qualified and more than happy to give you guidance and tips to create a practice that best fits your needs – just let us know!

We practice in bare feet, so no socks are needed! As far as tops and bottoms, you want to be comfortable and ably to freely move. We don’t suggest wearing baggy clothing that you can get caught up in or heavy layers.

A yoga mat is a necessity and a staple for any practice. We practice in a heated studio, so you will want a mat that is specifically designed for heated practice. A quality yoga mat is a worthy and necessary investment for a sustainable practice; it provides the correct grip and durability needed in the specific environment and is a game changer is providing an a+ foundation to build your practice on.

Not sure if yoga is for you quite yet? You can always invest in a yoga towel (we sell them in the studio) which get grippy when wet and provide a stable foundation on a standard yoga mat until you make a decision on whether or not yoga is the fit for you.

Try us out for 30 days

Take advantage of 30 days of unlimited in-studio and virtual practice for only $40 – take us for a test run and see if you like our style

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