meet your evolution learning institute training leader:

steph ellis


Meet Steph

200-RYT, 300-RYT, Baptiste Tier 1

Steph began her yoga journey in 2012 as a student of the York Evolution Power Yoga studio. She earned her 200-RYT certification through the ACCESS program in 2016, followed by her 300-RYT certification through the EMPOWER program in 2018. 

What made you enroll in the ACCESS YTT program?

As I became a more active member in the Evolution Community, I started to hear about and notice the impact that this program was having on those around me – there was something different in them as a result of the work they were doing. I found yoga at a time in my life when things were changing and I was looking for a way to get connected to others and I thought, “Sure, I could teach a yoga class, too.” Little did I know that I would get way more than the ability to teach a yoga class and connect with other people – – my life would be changed and I would become more connected to myself than I ever thought possible.

What made you enroll in the EMPOWER YTT program?

After an incredible experience in ACCESS, I was craving more leadership skills. ACCESS gave me the tools to effectively lead and EMPOWER offered the mastery of how to use them.

What do you love most about teaching?

Being a witness to the potential of others, and offering tools and support to help them realize it (and step into it) for themselves!

Why did you want to be a leader of the ACCESS YTT program?

This program changed my life, and I am forever grateful to the leaders I had who were a stand for my growth. I am honored to be that for others, and I find constant inspiration from participants who commit to doing this work.

How has yoga and your YTT experience impacted your life?

I have heard from many people in my life that they noticed an incredible difference in me after participating in these trainings – both personally and professionally. I am a more clear and effective communicator, who speaks and leads from a place that leaves others in their greatness. I am a better listener, less reactive and more responsive to those around me. And I have gained tools that can be used in all areas of my life – not just on the mat – and I tap into them regularly. Being a part of these programs was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.