Our Team

stef kosakoski yoga teacher brand manager


Brand & marketing manager, 200RYT, 500RYT, B.A. Graphic design & Communication

Astrological Sign: Aries

Level: 1

I’ve been practicing since: 2015

I’ve been teaching since: 2017

I’m passionate about: Creativity, music, embracing one’s unique quirks and qualities. Humor. Penguins.

Evolution inspires me by: Evolution has been many things for me over the years, and continues to evolve in how it inspires and shapes me. The people I have met from each studio through practice and work are individually amazing and unique. There is something very special about a diverse group of beings from all walks of life coming together to practice, each for there own personal reason, but through the practice empowering themselves and those around them all at the same time. And the stories I hear, the progress I see in others from where they started to where they are, and the conversations I have with community members continue to inspire me in different ways every day. The practice itself, the methodology and ways of being Evolution holds as its foundation continually find a place in my daily life. It’s just a group of people you want to be around.

What you should know about me: I’ve lived in Lancaster my whole life. I’ve always enjoyed art, coloring books were one of my favorite things as a kid. I was 100% tom-boy growing up (it still shows up). Warm weather and clear water makes me happy. My wardrobe is 95% black. I speak fluent sarcasim. Not everyone understands it, but I appreciate those who do.

Something unexpected: I am an Ozzy and Black Sabbath fan. I’ve been to Ozzfest twice and spent one of the tours on stage. (This was in my upbringing. My Dad is a music man – any and all – concerts are life for him.