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Lisa Taylor

Level: 4

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

I’ve been teaching since: 2000

I’m passionate about: Creating programs and spaces for people to become empowered and inspired. The world evolves as each person evolves.

A favorite quote: “Sometimes we don’t need a miracle, we just need each other.” – Joel Osteen

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anaïs Nin

What it means to be me: It is the simple act of acknowledging, appreciating and honoring others that can mean the most. To feel love that isn’t asked for is very special.

What you should know about me: I have three daughters who mean more to me than anything. I love to see them grow and am honored to be a part of their lives! They are 17, 15 and 14 (2015).

Lisa Taylor embodies her passion and devotion to yoga daily. She creates possibilities where none exist. As the President and founder of Evolution Power Yoga she does this by inspiring students and communities through vinyasa, a flowing style of yoga. Lisa’s talent lies in her ability to have each person enter the classroom with their individual challenges and leave the classroom feeling as though she has spoken directly to their heart. “I teach to my students’ bodies, not their minds, as this is where the truth of each person’s possibility lies.”

Lisa is the mother of three daughters. Upon the birth of her first child, Ruby Lou, she was no longer able to travel the world with her musician husband, Chad Taylor, and his band, Live. Yoga began as an athletic pursuit and an opportunity to spend time at home with Ruby. Lisa advanced her interest in yoga by completing her first teacher training with BikramChoudry in 2001. Within two short years and the birth of her next two daughters, Lisa had opened a Bikram Yoga in Lancaster, PA.

As Lisa’s students taught her the patience and wisdom to become a powerful, focused teacher, she pursued additional training with many of today’s yoga masters: BikramChoudry, Jimmy Barkan, Seane Corn, and Baron Baptiste. With the highest industry standard demanding 500 hours of formal training to qualify as a yoga instructor, Lisa has surpassed 5,000 hours of dedicated instruction and in turn has taught hundreds of teacher trainees the mind, body and soul of yoga.

In 2004, Baron Baptiste, witnessed Lisa’s potential as a force of change in the yoga industry. He worked with her one on one, honing her skills to present programs to both large and small groups of students around the world. Lisa has joined a prestigious faculty of teachers who lead programs with such esteemed institutions as Kripalu and Yoga Journal Conferences.

In 2004 Lisa changed the name of her studios to Evolution Power Yoga and set about changing the local communities. The Evolution Power Yoga mission is to empower every student’s greatest potential through a shared physical experience and connection. Embracing this lifestyle, her students have become dynamic policy shapers, inventors, and self- fulfilled ambassadors of change. The Evolution Power Yoga brand is thriving. A third location is due to open in 2014 and over 50 new teachers will be trained this year.

Among her most fulfilling accomplishments to date is her membership on the board of the non-profit, Africa Yoga Project. This is an active role where Lisa is part of shaping the future of yoga through the training of disadvantaged youth from impoverished African populations. Lisa co-chairs a mentorship program where teachers receive instructional support from a select group of North American yoga experts monthly. The results have included life-changing bonds for both sides of the relationships. In addition, Lisa heads the training of 150+ students from over 12 countries in Nairobi, Kenya annually. Her goal is to bring this model of mentorship, outreach and education- empowerment to similar urban centers in the US.

What the years of practicing her “yoga hobby” have taught her is that everything is possible. Instead of being limited to a dream, Lisa passionately informs her students to open themselves to possibilities and then to trust what the future holds. Twist- Life has been born to bring this possibility to new audiences. With a partnership formed with Hilton’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Resort in Puerto Rico to introduce yoga to select guestrooms in a number of US properties through its videos tailored to the business traveler, Twist-Life has established itself as a leader in hospitality innovation.

Contact Lisa: lisa@evolutionpoweryoga.com