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250 Hour ACCESS Training

I began practicing yoga in: 2016

I began teaching yoga in: 2019

What about the Evolution Studio or community inspired you to become a teacher? The way that everyone is constantly lifting each other up and gently pushing you to be better.

Favorite Movie: ‘About Time’ – It is a fun, quirky, lovely take on the importance of family, the love we hold for others, the way we walk through the world each day, and the things that we can and cannot change.

Something you might not know about me is:  I have lived in both England and Germany but my favorite place I have ever visited is Scotland.

Fun fact: I am a lifelong book nerd that collects old books. Old books with hand written inscriptions in the front cover are the best so when you gift a book to someone, always write a quick note inside the front cover and date it. You never know who may be holding that tome in their hands 100 years from now.