Our Team

juleann benkoski yoga teacher


BA in Psychology, Babywearing Yoga Certified, 500 RYT

Level: 2

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

I’ve been teaching since:  February 2016

I am passionate about:  Art, yoga, being a mom, traveling and new experiences. Really good food too.

The EPY Community inspires me by:  The overwhelming support to just show up as I am ,be it a full on practice or quietly sitting and breathing throughout my practice.  The community is invested in everyone’s journey to improve.

A favorite quote:  Sometimes its okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.
What this quote means to me: Each day is different. Bringing my best everyday looks different moment by moment, and that’s okay.

What you should know about me:  I have a very vibrant personality that i try to bring into my teaching, exploring, and creating. I try to find the enjoyment in the little things life has to offer. Between metal smithing, teaching/taking yoga, I have a little yogi myself whom keeps me on my toes.