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debbie dower yoga teacher

Debra D.

Debra holds over 1000 hours in yoga certifications. She completed the Baptiste Level One training in 2006.  Other trainings include, Briakti Flow, Jivamukti, The Barkan Method, Bikram Yoga, and she is in the process of completing Janet Stone’s 500 hour teacher training
Astrological Sign: Leo

Level: 2

I’ve been practicing yoga since: 2000

I’ve been teaching yoga since: 2002

How the Evolution Community inspires me: I am inspired by how committed the evolution community is to growth.  The students show up open to change and ready for a shift in their lives.  I am inspired by how this truly does feel like a welcoming and safe environment to facilitate that type of transformation.

I’m passionate about: The human body and its ability to adapt, move and heal.  I am passionate about Anatomy, Physiology and alignment not just physical, but energetic.  I love being a student and gaining knowledge!

A Favorite Quote: “It is not how deep you go, it is how you go deep.” -Ida Rolf

What this quote means to me: This is a quote from the mother of Structural Integration (SI), the type of manual therapy that I practice.  She is referring to the depth of which to perform an SI technique, but this is a quote that is applicable to many situations in life. I believe this means that with patience, love and compassion one can explore the depths of life, themselves, their physicality etc without extreme discomfort and resistance.  Many human beings attempt to force something to happen faster, this path often times is met with incredible discomfort.  Often times slower is faster! 

What you should know about me: I am an acrobat at heart.  I love to fly and to play.  Acrobatic yoga has been an outlet of joy for me for a number of years.  It keeps me close to the childlike wonderment that can be easily lost with more responsibility and years.