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Dynamic, influential, fun and fully engaged in the exciting process of personal growth, our Certified Instructors are the heart of the Evolution Community. 

We take pride in providing each of our team members with on-going training opportunities. We believe that specific, multi-dimensional feedback – from students, advanced instructors + peers – is the fuel for continual progress. We create an exciting, supportive learning environment that is translated into every class.

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Owner, Founder, Chief Visionary Officer
Lisa Taylor’s classes, like her studios, breathe with timeless beauty. Taylor, founder of Evolution Power Yoga, creates spaces and experiences that bring the body to the edge and stir the soul to dance. A renowned member of the Baptiste Yoga Faculty, Lisa is on the cutting edge of mind-body exploration and new program development. Courageous, progressive and committed to responsible growth, through her students, Lisa inspires the connection and transformation of far-reaching communities.

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Elaina M.

Amanda C.

Donna F.

Christyn R.

Jen Y.

Heidi T.

Nicole M.

Braquel S.

Adie H.

Grace M.

Kelly A.

Maurice S.

Jenn B.

Debbie R.

Nichole G.

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