My journey through the ACCESS 250-Hour Training Program: Introduction

Follow ACCESS Trainee, J, through her training and hear first hand her experiences

Hi, my name is J! I am about to begin the ACCESS 250-hour training program at Evolution Power Yoga’s Lancaster studio in April. After each training weekend I will share my experiences through the program and give you a firsthand look at what ACCESS is all about. 

My yoga journey started with another teacher training program in town. I went into the program with little knowledge around yoga. My prior experience in doing any yoga had only been me practicing on and off over a few months span.

I began the program, I got into my fifth week, and when it got to be too much (especially with some things I had happening in my life at that point) I dropped the program and I stopped practicing as well. I didn’t feel ready for the transformation.

When I decided to start practicing again, my friend I had met through the previous training program, got me involved with Karming at Evolution’s Lancaster studio. I became a karmi in December 2018 and began my regular practice again.

Since re-starting my yoga journey, practicing regularly has been a huge part of releasing the stressors of everyday life. When I step onto my mat the tension in body seems to instantly soften. After class, I feel so light and relaxed. This is how everyone should feel. Anyone can feel like this, and that is what empowered me to commit to ACCESS – I want to teach yoga to provide that space for others.

With the ACCESS program starting this weekend April 5th, 6th, and 7th, there are a mix of feelings that come up. I’m ready, nervous, but definitely excited to gain the knowledge I need to grow in myself and my practice. 

Follow along with my 250-hour journey through the ACCESS training program over the next 8 months. It’s going to be quite the transformational ride! 

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