My ACCESS Journey: Week 2

I feel very empowered by the ACCESS training group and the friends I am making in my training. I can share things without feeling judged and it really is a safe space where everyone is very supportive

J’s ACCESS Journey: Week 2

What was the structure of weekend 2 in ACCESS?

Our training group spoke about dropping the story and living from our authentic selves. We discussed that we can accomplish the things we want to if we basically stop making excuses. “Just do the thing” right? I journaled a bit about where I want to see myself, what I see my future looking like. I will tell you I see myself teaching here at EPY wherever they have a place for me. If that’s not the case, I would like to be teaching donation based yoga out in nature, or maybe traveling and sharing my teachings.

We practiced more True North Alignment, too! This exercise was standing across from each other and reciting the cues repeatedly for a set amount of time. This approach really made it stick in my head. Then, we got into our small groups and taught the first half of Journey into Power sequence to our group, which I actually really enjoyed. We get to coach each other and give each other feedback in the moment, which is very helpful! 

What were some feelings or emotions that showed up this weekend?

This weekend was physically tiring for me as we did multiple practices. At first, this exercise felt very frustrating and I honestly started to become fed up. At this point in the weekend, all I could think about was going home and being in bed. Despite the physical demand, I appreciate this way of learning because it really helps things stick. I can now teach through the first part of Baptiste’s Journey Into Power sequence and that makes me feel very confident that I am capable of memorizing and teaching a full yoga class!

What is currently challenging you the most?

Anatomy is still a huge challenge for me. I find some of the terms to be very confusing. Another challenge is finding the time to corporate daily mediation and at home practice into my daily life, which may seem to be very easy, but I have the hardest time just sitting still. I usually have to have a clear to-do list and an empty space to be, since my roomies can be a distraction. I have been doing okay with starting small and just doing 5 minutes of meditations at a time. You gotta start somewhere!

What, so far, has empowered you the most?

I feel very empowered by the ACCESS training group and the friends I am making in my training. I can share things without feeling judged and it really is a safe space where everyone is very supportive. I feel like my peers really care about my presence in the program and want to see me succeed.

How are you feeling about the program now that you have the second session completed?

I am feeling pretty good about the program – the support of the others in the group is amazing and I am feeling good about my ability to teach! I’ve been told my voice projects well! 

What do you have to do between now and the next weekend?

Pretty much the same as the first weekend, making time for meditation asana practice, documenting my practicing in my log, and study study study!

Check back in next month, after Session 3, to learn about all the fun exercises and challenges I get into during my ACCESS training!

ACCESS 250-Hour Training Program: Learn More HERE – Apply HERE

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