My 40 Days Diary: Week 6

Ah yes, the triumphant Week 6 is upon us! Cue a heavily meditated, healthy and powerful new me! It feels amazing to have finished the program. I am so proud of myself and everyone who completed 40 Days. We reached our goals! This is so appropriate as Week 6 is all about triumph.

In the book, Baron Baptiste describes some of his own personal triumphs, such as overcoming personal challenges with toxic masculinity (2004, p. 201). He also describes the change he sees in his students after triumph, “The students who showed up just days before feeling tired, burdened, and tightly wound are now brighter, lighter, and more alive. I look around the room and never fail to be amazed at the process.” (Baptiste, 2004, p.201) This depicts the triumph felt after 40 Days. This theme is what shaped our practice, meditation and nutrition for the week.

This week our daily practice reached 90 minutes. I found that 90 minutes is my break through time. I think it takes me 90 minutes to really flow. This makes sense because as a student athlete I remember feeling the same way about two-hour swim practices. I’m convinced that there is no better stress release than this break through! During our practice at our weekly in-person meeting, we focused on savasana. This is the part at the end of the practice that focuses on rest. At Evolution you will most likely be lying on your back, legs wide out to either side and arms by your side. You can put your hands up to receive or down to ground yourself. You also probably will have a cold eye towel or stone (if you are practicing in an Evolution studio). Deep savasana makes the sweet release of the 90-minute break through even better.

Week 6 meditation is 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes again at night. This has been a challenge for me as I already struggle as I really like my sleep. However, the benefits of meditating for a longer duration are great. It compliments the 90-minute practice so well. These tools work so much better together than they do apart.

Week 6 nutrition is all about reflecting on what worked for us throughout the program, as well as what did not. For me, I learned that raw foods work best for me. This is never something I thought I would say. I was eating a lot of raw foods and smoothies during 40 Days and it made me feel much more hydrated. I don’t feel as sluggish or tired. I found that it works for me to eat one hot meal and two cold meals per day. And all vegan for the most part! I also discovered that I need a lot of whole grain carbs. They keep me going throughout the day. We shared our experiences and perspectives on this during our in-person meeting. One person suggested that we take notice of when we aren’t feel well after eating and note what we ate to track things that are not working for us. This will definitely be something I try doing after the program. Overall, we all agreed that this fits the idea of letting go of what no longer serves you.

40 days has been such a wonderful journey of sharing inner light, engaging self-inquiry and finding peace. I feel as though I really know how to care for myself now. I walk around a little bit lighter and feel more confident and inspired. I am definitely considering doing the program again. The program leaders mentioned that 40 Days will have a few new features for the spring, which I’m really excited about! All 4 studios (Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, and Lititz) will participate in the same program and there will be weekly virtual meetings that will be recorded and sent out for busy yogis. As you may know from my previous posts, I am an extremely busy yogi so I like this feature a lot. I won’t have to miss any of the content if I have to work an evening or travel for work. 

I highly recommend this program to anyone that is interested. I have left feeling so refreshed! Spring 40 Days is April 10 – May 14. Remember, the only thing standing between you and your power is what no longer serves you.  

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