Memberships & Advantages

Commitment to your health comes with its perks! To show our appreciation, our members receive more than just the physical and mental benefits of a practice

Member Benefits

Available to Monthly Auto-Pay and Annual Membership Only

  • Unlimited practice at any of our studios
  • 10% off yoga props (blocks, straps, mats)
  • 2 free guest passes per quarter
  • Special discounts on 2 hr EPY teacher led Workshops (as advertised)

Invite others to join you on your Evolution journey.  Monthly Auto-Pay and Annual-Pay Memberships receive two guest passes per quarter. We ask that the guests respect the following guidelines:

  • Guest must be accompanied by EPY member
  • Guest must register at the front desk and sign a waiver of liability
  • A local guest (lives within 50 miles from the studio) may attend classes three times during a one-year period.  After that, the normal drop-in rate will be charged per class.
  • An out-of-town guest (lives more than 50 miles from the studio) may attend class as a member’s guest six times during a one-year period

Membership Terms and Agreements

We offer discounted pricing that includes benefits as our lowest cost offer in exchange for an ability to predict future income and plan accordingly. This is a contractual agreement with a stated 3-month minimum commitment to join. Thereafter, your credit card will be charged $90 each month until you request termination.   

Suspension:   We understand life is full of unforeseen circumstances.  For this reason, we allow ONE temporary suspension annually on your Monthly Auto Pay Membership for medical or other reasons beyond your control that prevent practicing.  Suspensions are expected to last a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.  If more than 8 weeks, it is best to terminate the contract.

Termination:   Requires 30 days written notice.   If you wish to terminate your membership, email accounts@evolutionpoweryoga.com and a member of our management team will be in touch.  For example, if your next charge is scheduled for February 1st, you must give cancellation notice by January 1st. For all account questions and assistance, please contact accounts@evolutionpoweryoga.com.