4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cool During Quarantine

My personal experience with the quarantine has been full of ups and downs, and I’m sure most of you can relate. But instead of focusing on the lost jobs, solitude, boredom, and other negative aspects of the quarantine, I’m dedicated to finding the positives.

Author: Megan Waterfield

Pulse check: how is everyone doing?! We’ve been quarantined for just about a month now due to the novel COVID-19 virus and a worldwide pandemic. We hope this blog finds you feeling calm, grounded, and not too stir-crazy…

But we understand that it can be hard. We’re living in a world that none of us imagined could actually happen; we thought these “apocalyptic” times only happened in movies and books. However, life is unpredictable and there’s nothing we can do but adapt to the changing world around us.
Yes, the uncertainty is scary, but this challenging and restrictive environment is a perfect time to get creative with your passions and practice gratitude for what and who you have supporting you in the here and now.

My personal experience with the quarantine has been full of ups and downs, and I’m sure most of you can relate. But instead of focusing on the lost jobs, solitude, boredom, and other negative aspects of the quarantine, I’m dedicated to finding the positives. 

Make online Video Chat Your New Best Friend

Can you imagine living in a tech-less world in a time like this? We are so fortunate to be able to connect with friends and family through FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. Whether it’s a virtual happy hour with friends or “having dinner” with extended family, video chatting has helped me feel connected despite the distance between us.

Speaking of feeling connected, we’re using Zoom video chat to Livestream virtual yoga classes with our very own Evolution teachers! I cannot stress enough how important it has been to keep up with my yoga practice during these unsettling times, but the EPY team has gone above and beyond to offer several virtual classes every day.

Not only is this a great way to get your practice in (and yes, I’m still breaking a sweat every class!), but it gives us a chance to connect with our community in a unique and exciting way. Taking our virtual classes has allowed me to meet teachers from all EPY studios, not just from Harrisburg (my home studio), and I love experiencing the different energy that they all uniquely bring to class. Additionally, I’m able to meet students from all over the area that know and love the same JIP sequence we practice in our home studios. It’s been such a neat experience — if you haven’t tried it out yet, head on over to our site and sign up today!

Get Creative with your Home Workout

I think the most difficult part of staying home is disciplining myself to (a) stay out of the kitchen and (b) get off the couch. Our virtual yoga classes keep me accountable, but everyone needs some variety!

I’ve found that the best way to keep myself feeling productive, healthy, and happy is by moving my body. Now that spring weather is finally here, I’ve been soaking in that vitamin D by taking walks around different neighborhoods and playing tennis with my boyfriend.

I also started enhancing my yoga practice with Evolution GO, our online yoga studio! What I love about EvoGO is the variety of content that’s offered. They have our traditional 60, 75, and 90-minute yoga classes, but they also have multiple 20- to 45-minute classes that range from pose breakdowns to prenatal yoga.

There are also several guided meditations available on EvoGO. If you’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the current environment, I highly recommend meditating to calm your mind and bring you back to your center. The guided meditations are a perfect place to start if you’ve never tried it before, and we have videos ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes so you can find what works best for you. 

Try out some Old Fashioned Conversation

Yep. Talking out loud with other humans. Texting, email, posting on social – these are all great things, but we’re talking real conversation. It might not be face to face (except remember, we do live in a tech-savvy world), but even phone calls are great. Just hearing the voice of your friends, family, and loved ones are enough to bring a sense of calm and ease. Even better – if you’re looking to generate some conversation around sharing, self-discovery, connecting with others, you name it – Evolution will be launching Community Chats this week as another means of staying connected during social distancing! Zoom calls, 2 a week, one morning and one evening, hosted by an Evolution teacher who guides the conversation with other like-minded individuals. Count me in! Keep posted to Social and your inbox for dates and details.

Rediscover Old Hobbies and Explore New Ones

My favorite part of this quarantine has been taking time to figure out what I truly enjoy doing in my free time. Of course, I love binge-watching my favorite shows, but I’ve found new and rediscovered old hobbies that I look forward to continuing when all of this is over.

I’ve talked to many friends and family about trying new activities during quarantine, and below is a list of things we’ve been doing. If you’re looking to branch out of your routine, try some of these out:

  1. Complete a puzzle
  2. Play a new board game
  3. Read an uplifting book — or join our virtual book club!
  4. Go for a bike ride
  5. Learn how to knit or crochet
  6. Cook an entire meal from scratch (…dessert included, of course!)
  7. Have a dance party while cleaning your home
  8. Freshen up on a foreign language you took in high school or college
  9. Get artsy by painting, drawing, or writing
  10. Start a home renovation project

We’d love to hear how you’re filling your days during the COVID-19 pandemic. From all of us at Evolution, please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy. We can’t wait to see you again. Love and light!

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