2021 best yoga and wellness gifts

The Best Yoga and Wellness Holiday Gifts of 2021

It's our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide Edition - hand picked by your very own evolution power yoga instructors!

Tis’ the season of gifting and getting bombarded with gift guides galore. Save your fingers the paper cuts and your thumbs the dreaded smartphone scroll pain – the epy team is here to lend a hand with their hand-picked current favorites so you can take some of the guesswork out of what to buy the yogi or wellness fan in your life.

Our team lives and breathes the world of sweat, movement, and mindfulness – so you can rest assured they know a thing or two about what really makes a yogi’s heart skip a beat.

Balance Jogger by Athleta

They are the softest, most comfortable pair of sweatpants I have ever owned. I wear these as often as I can, especially while working from home, and want them in all the colors. They have more of a tailored fit than a frumpy “sweatpant” fit. I ended up going down one size to get the fit I wanted.

– Kait Linton, EPY Lancaster
Athleta, $89

Fruit Basket from Cherry Hill Orchards

My favorite holiday gift is a Cherry Hill fruit basket because they are healthy and can be personalized by adding other gifts such as movies, wine, music etc.

– Philomena Behmer, EPY Lancaster
Cherry Hill Orchards, Lancaster, PA

Traditional Medicinals Lemon Ginger Tea

Whether I feel a tickle in my throat or just want a warm cup of something soothing this has been my go-to tea lately. It’s a tea I can drink all day knowing it’s good for both my digestive and immune systems. I literally drink it by the 32oz Hydroflask.

– Kait Linton, EPY Lancaster
Traditional Medicinals, $5.79

bkr Water Bottle

bkr spiky water bottle

A solid water bottle – I like the bkr spiky bottles. They are easy to hold and my kids love the texture

– Juleann, EPY Lancaster
bkr, $33.60

Archer and Olive Journals

archer and olive blue journal

I like the dotted grid ones so I can make my daily attainable goals and write about the day (Bear hugs to everyone. Meditate. Yoga. Read. Be outside. Move.)

– Juleann, EPY Lancaster
archer and olive, $36.00

BestSelf Co Impact Deck Cards

These cards are an easy and effective way to achieve some mindfulness throughout my day. There are 3 categories of cards (action, affirmation, and reflection cards) that are designed to help you step out of your comfort zone and commit to growth!

– Becca Goebel, EPY Lancaster
BestSelf Co | Walmart, $15

Skincare products by Holistic & Hopeful

These hand-crafted, small batched boy care products are made by a friend of mine who lives in Georgia. Everything is non-toxic – perfect for those with sensitive skin or sniffers – and eco-friendly. I have the magnesium butter (great for sore muscles or restless legs), eye relief balm, serums, and candles. Everything this woman makes feels like magic.

– Kait Linton, EPY Lancaster
Holistic & Hopeful

Monk & Llama Kneeling Meditation Bench

This is the best meditation support I’ve come across. It’s portable, light, & sturdy. The best part: I can sit for 30+ minutes without my feet or legs falling asleep.

– Kelly Stine, EPY Harrisburg
Monk & Llama | Amazon, $49.97

Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bars

As someone who loves chocolate but doesn’t eat white sugar, I have searched high and low to find something decadent that actually tastes good. Enter the Hu Kitchen. This company is my favorite not only for its commitment to super clean ingredients but also for the delicious goodies they produce. The cashew butter orange-vanilla is my current fave!

– Kait Linton, EPY Lancaster
Hu Kitchen, $6

Megababe Cucumber Mint Shower Sheets

Great for a quick post-practice recovery and the perfect size for stocking stuffers! They come in small, individually wrapped packets, so I toss a few in my yoga bag to use after class.

– Steph Ellis, EPY York
Megababe, $12

Trapezoid Yoga Block Set

Trapezoid Yoga Block Set

I am in love with the Trapezoid yoga blocks. It’s my number one favorite pick of the year and my first yoga purchase. For a new yogi, they are one of the most dynamically used modification items that have allowed me to support my body as I start trying more complex mods during classes like Yoga Ignite.  Definitely a recommendation for new yogis.

– Elaina Mayer, EPY Lancaster
Evrblock | Amazon, $19.99

Lululemon Align Leggings

These are the leggings that I reach for every day! Perfect for studio practices, street wear or for a night at home on the couch. While on the pricier side of leggings, these hold their shape, wash well and last long enough to get your money out of the investment.

– Steph Ellis, EPY York
Lululemon, $58-$98

How to Eat Your Christmas Tree: Delicious, innovative recipes for cooking with trees

This was a fun quick read. This book gave me great ideas about how to use my tree in other ways than tossing it out. And although I will not be eating my Christmas tree this year (it is a fake tree) I have now used other people’s/past trees to create New Items. Plus I never knew how many different types of Christmas trees there are. I have used this book in an unexpected way and enjoyed every moment of it.

– Katie Kreiser, EPY Lancaster
Julia Geogallis | Amazon, $9.43

Hydroflask Water Bottle

This is the water bottle purchase that will make you toss out all other water bottles! I love this because I can put ice in it that will last for days – literally! They come in a variety of sizes, fun colors, you can customize the lid (straw, opening, twist off, etc.) and you could even personalize it with some fun stickers (you know, those cute EPY stickers in the boutique!).

– Steph Ellis, EPY York
Hydroflask, $24

Happy gifting (or receiving), yogis.

The Evolution Power Yoga Team independently selected all of the products featured in this post

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