Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect

What is a class like at Evolution Power Yoga?

We are a Baptiste Affiliate yoga studio offering all-levels Vinyasa yoga classes which means body movements coordinated with breath. Every class will take you through the Journey Into Power sequence. While every class is the same sequence, no two classes are identical. The teacher, the individuals in the classroom and how you are feeling that day will all affect your practice and the personality of the class.

Our studios are heated to create ease in your muscles and remove the need for a “warm up” period in the beginning of class, allowing you to dig deeper into your practice. Temperatures fluctuate depending on the season and attendance but typically fall around 90 degrees.

Journey Into Power is adaptable to all levels of experience and ability from new yogis to longtime practitioners. Our teachers are certified and are able to adapt the sequence to meet the needs of the class, but it is up to you to listen to your body.


What should I bring with me to class?

  • Wear comfortable workout clothes – something you’ll feel free to stretch and sweat in
  • Don’t worry about shoes – we practice in bare feet
  • Bring a yoga mat, towel, block, strap, and water (all of these are available to purchase in the studio)

We have cubbies in each studio to store phones, shoes, and personal items while you practice. We recommend only bringing in essential items for practice and leaving valuables and unnecessary items outside of the studio, either at home or a secure and non-visible area of your car.

I’m new – do I need to start in a beginner class?

Not at all! All of our classes are “all-levels”. We practice the Journey Into Power sequence; a series of set poses that can be modified to intensify or ease your practice depending on your experience, ability, or what you are in need of that day.

Do you offer any classes for relaxation and rejuvenation?

We offer Restorative Yoga on our virtual class schedule. This practice uses gentle movements and stretches accompanied by props such as blankets and blocks aimed at rejuvenating, relaxing, and refreshing the body and mind.

Do you offer Private Lessons? 

Yes, a number of our teachers are available for private lessons during a variety of times throughout the week. Stop at the front desk to view availability and schedule an appointment. 

Do you offer options for Corporate/Workplace wellness? 

Yes, we offer both in-studio or off-site lessons; singular sessions or recurring sessions. Contact us for pricing information and to schedule a session or series. These can be structured to suit the needs of your employees; vinyasa, restorative, meditation – we can create a practice specifically for your place of employment!

How often should I come to class?

Your yoga practice is just that—a practice. The more you are able to come to class, the greater it will serve you. We often say – practice 3x a week to change your body, practice 5x a week to change your life. 

Injured, pregnant? 

Consult with your medical professionalLet the instructor know about your injury or limitations before taking a class so he/she can address your specific issues and give you modifications to

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