EMPOWER 300-Hour Training

Now is your time to rise. EMPOWER is the next step in the journey of the self-actualized leader. Advanced learning. Deep impact. Unlimited potential.

About the Program

The EMPOWER Core Curriculum is delivered through a highly specialized module based learning system that integrates the functional understanding of ACCESS into a comprehensive awareness of the total yoga experience. Through deeper and more specific study, students sharpen leadership tools, expand awareness, illuminate personal power and cultivate opportunities to inspire and uplift.

Led by experts in their respective domains, each module explores a distinct aspect of yoga. Modules include anatomy, meditation, assisting, personal development, and advanced teaching.

Offered once a year, the 300 hour EMPOWER Teacher Training program is complete in 9 months. Graduating students can apply for Yoga Alliance 500 RYT status at the conclusion of the program.



Special Combo Offer (ACCESS & EMPOWER): $6495

*Custom payment plans are available


Advanced Anatomy - 100 Hours

Led by Philomena Behmer, MS MEd

An in-depth exploration of yoga through the lens of the science of anatomy and physiology. The focus of the series is on how the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and respiratory system relates to yoga. 

The program includes discussions, learning activities and projects to help students better understand the significance of anatomy and yoga. Students are encouraged to use their previous experiences to contribute to their understanding of anatomy and yoga. 

In addition to anatomy-related activities, each weekend includes an anatomy focused yoga class as well as other movement exercises to enhance understanding through embodied learning. This training is for anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of yoga and how it relates to their body.

Advanced Teaching - 100 Hours

Led by Lisa Taylor, Master Instructor and Baptiste faculty Member

Elevate your teaching to the next level. An exploration of Baptiste methodology and specified teaching techniques to master the art of generating inspiration through delivery and bring power to the practice.

Advanced Assisting - 100 Hours

Hands-on learning of manipulation of the body to create access, alignment, and integration in movement and posture.

EMPOWER also includes Meditation and Inquiry modules.

2020 Schedule


Sat. Feb 22 | 7AM–4PM: Anatomy 
Sun. Feb 23 | 7AM–12PM: Anatomy


Fri. March 6 | 5PM–9PM: Advanced Teaching
Sat. March 7 | 7AM–4PM: Advanced Teaching
Sun. March 8 | 7AM–4PM: Advanced Teaching 

Fri. March 27 | 5PM–9PM: Assisting
Sat. March 28 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting
Sun. March 29 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting


Sat. April 18 | 7AM–4PM: Anatomy
Sun. April 19 | 7AM–12PM: Anatomy


Fri. May 1 | 5PM–9PM: Advanced Teaching
Sat. May 2 | 7AM–4PM: Advanced Teaching
Sun. May 3 | 7AM–4PM: Advanced Teaching 

Fri. May 22 | 5PM–9PM: Assisting
Sat. May 23 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting
Sun. May 24 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting


Sat. June 13 | 7AM–4PM: Anatomy
Sun. June 14 | 7AM–12PM: Anatomy


Fri. July 10 | 5PM–9PM: Advanced Teaching
Sat. July 11 | 7AM–4PM: Advanced Teaching
Sun. July 12 | 7AM–4PM: Advanced Teaching 

Fri. July 31 | 5PM–9PM: Assisting


Sat. August 1 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting
Sun. August 2 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting 

Sat. August 22 | 7AM–4PM: Anatomy
Sun. August 23 | 7AM–12PM: Anatomy


Fri. September 11 | 5PM–9PM: Advanced Teaching
Sat. September 12 | 7AM–4PM: Advanced Teaching
Sun. September 13 | 7AM–4PM: Advanced Teaching


Fri. October 2 | 5PM–9PM: Assisting
Sat. October 3 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting
Sun. October 4 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting 

Sat. October 24 | 7AM–4PM: Anatomy
Sun. October 25 | 7AM–12PM: Anatomy


Fri. November 6 | 5PM–9PM: Assisting/Teaching
Sat. November 7 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting/Teaching
Sun. November 8 | 7AM–4PM: Assisting/Teaching



Special Combo Offer (ACCESS & EMPOWER): $6495

*Custom payment plans are available