Evolution Learning Institute

Illuminate, Uplift, Inspire.


To provide adult learning opportunities through the comprehensive exploration of yoga
To Illuminate the power in each person to inspire and uplift the power in others

Our Method.

We believe:

  • in learning by doing
  • in the power of depth and specialization
  • in creating integrated, layered learning environments that allow all levels of discovery to happen in one space
  • in using measurable moments as markers of progress and opportunities for feedback
  • that a sustainable, thriving community is driven by the unique and ongoing development of each individual


Learning is a Path, not a Destination. Experience the Difference. Immerse yourself in real-world leadership practice as you dig deep into the issues that matter. Evolution Learning Institute offers comprehensive learning opportunities, through the tools of yoga – asana, meditation and inquiry – to individuals committed to sustainable personal, professional and community enrichment.  Our students are yoga teachers, business leaders, and community shapers looking to make a difference.

Since 2001, we have cultivated an unparalleled adult learning environment.  April 2017 will mark our 19th 200-hour teacher training. 
Through rigorous study and responsible practice, our students build connections and expose opportunity while engaging in extensive, real-life, experiential self-discovery.

Developed by Lisa Taylor, and rooted in the Baptiste Yoga Methodology, our training programs systematically create access to deep learning and rich discovery at every stage of development.
Taylor believes if other professions require 1000+ hours of practice to become certified, then the same should hold true in the world of Yoga Teacher Training. In its entirety, Evolution Learning Institute will offer 5 training programs, ACCESS (250-hour Teacher Training), EMPOWER (300-hour Teacher Training), OUTREACH (Leadership Development), ADAPTATION (Advanced Teaching), and LEADERSHIP (Professional Development); together creating an in-depth, one of a kind 1250 hour program

Commit fully. Engage purposefully. Experience a powerful period of personal and professional transformation. Step upon the Path.

Evolution Learning Institute is a registered Yoga Alliance Program. The credential earned is issued by Evolution Power Yoga. All Evolution Power Yoga instructors have successfully completed our ACCESS 250-Hour Teacher Training Program.

ELI Core Programs

Evolution Learning Institute

ACCESS is the first step in revealing and unleashing your talents. The program is intense. The coursework is rigorous. The results are up to you.

About the Program:

The ACCESS core curriculum builds a solid understanding of the tools of yoga – asana, meditation, and self-inquiry. The goal is to give students a firm grasp of broad-based fundamentals as the foundation for developing awareness.

Through rigorous practice, persistent self-reflection and insightful discussion, ACCESS engages students in an in-depth experience and exploration of the Baptiste Yoga Methodology. Beyond cultivating the skills to teach and assist yoga, students practice teamwork, participate in personal leadership activities, and study anatomy.

ACCESS brings theory, practice, experience, and talent into focus, into action, offering the student an opportunity for deep learning.

Offered 3 times a year:

Classic: 8 weekends, 8-month training every Fall in York and every Spring in Lancaster

Intensive: 6 week, 3 month Summer training in Harrisburg

ACCESS is a credentialed Yoga Alliance 200 RYT (registered yoga teacher) Teacher Training program. 

Evolution Learning Institute


ACCESS includes the following Classroom learning:

  • Instruction on Anatomy, the Baptiste Methodology, the Asanas and Meditation
  • Personal reflection, conceptual exploration, and group discussion
  • Scored Evaluation

Anatomy Component:

  • ACCESS includes our breakout Anatomy of Yoga Course; an accredited Continuing Education Course also available to take individually.
  • CEU’s offered:
  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America: 15 CEU 
    National Academy of Sports Medicine: 1.9 CEU 
    Physical Therapy: 24 CEU

ACCESS includes the following Practice Learning:

  • Practice teaching
  • Leading meditation
  • Observing, practicing, and assisting public classes
  • Video recording and self-evaluation
  • Practicum evaluation

ACCESS includes the following Group Learning:

  • Peer evaluation and feedback
  • Small group learning sessions
  • Large group event planning

The ACCESS Learning Manual serves as your guide to the Core Curriculum. *cost is not included in tuition

ACCESS meets 8 weekends: Friday 5:00-9:00, Saturday 8:00-5:00, Sunday 8:00-4:00

Trainee Benefits:

  • Unlimited yoga classes for the duration of the training
  • A one of a kind curriculum and training manual written by a world class yoga teacher and Baptiste Faculty member

Cost: $3495.00
*Custom payment plans are available for all ELI programs

Spring 2019 ACCESS Schedule: Lancaster Studio

Week 1: April 5, 6, 7

Week 2: May 3, 4, 5

Week 3: May 31, June 1, 2

Week 4: July 12, 13, 14

Week 5: August 9, 10, 11

Week 6: September 6, 7, 8

Week 7: October 4, 5, 6

Week 8: November 1, 2, 3

Summer 2019 ACCESS schedule: Harrisburg Studio

May 17th | 5-9pm

May 18th & 19th | 8am-8pm

June 15th & 16th | 8am-8pm

June 17th – 21st | 8am-5pm

June 22nd & 23rd | 8am-8pm

June 24th – 28th | 8am-5pm

August 3rd & 4th | 8am-8pm

Fall 2019 ACCESS Schedule: York Studio

Week 1: October 18, 19, 20

Week 2: November 15, 16, 17

Week 3: December 13, 14, 15

Week 4: January 10, 11, 12

Week 5: February 7, 8, 9

Week 6: March 6, 7, 8

Week 7: April 3, 4, 5

Week 8: May 1, 2, 3

Evolution Learning Institute

EMPOWER is the next step in the journey of the self-actualized leader. The program is vast. The learning is deep. The work is specialized. The power is yours.

About the Program

The EMPOWER Core Curriculum is delivered through a highly specialized module based learning system that integrates the functional understanding of ACCESS into a comprehensive awareness of the total yoga experience. Through deeper and more specific study, students sharpen leadership tools, expand awareness, illuminate personal power and cultivate opportunities to inspire and uplift.

Led by experts in their respective domains, each module explores a distinct aspect of yoga. Modules include anatomy, meditation, assisting, personal development, and advanced teaching.

Offered once a year, the 300 hour EMPOWER Teacher Training program is complete in 9 months. Graduating students can apply for Yoga Alliance 500 RYT status at the conclusion of the program.

Evolution Learning Institute


EMPOWER includes the following Asana, Meditation, Inquiry modules:

Advanced Anatomy  |  Philomena Behmer, MS MEd

  • 100 hours Led by Philomena Behmer, MS MEd, of Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
  • An in-depth exploration of yoga through the lens of the science of anatomy and physiology. The focus of the series is on how the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and respiratory system relates to yoga. The program includes discussions, learning activities and projects to help students better understand the significance of anatomy and yoga. Students are encouraged to use their previous experiences to contribute to their understanding of anatomy and yoga. In addition to anatomy-related activities, each weekend includes an anatomy focused yoga class as well as other movement exercises to enhance understanding through embodied learning. This training is for anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of yoga and how it relates to their body.

Advanced Teaching | Lisa Taylor

  • 100 hours led by Lisa Taylor, Master Instructor, and Baptiste faculty Member
  • Elevate your teaching to the next level. An exploration of Baptiste methodology and specified teaching techniques to master the art of generating inspiration through delivery and bring power to the practice.

Advanced Assisting

  • Hands-on learning of manipulation of the body to create access, alignment, and integration in movement and posture.
  • 100 hours total

Cost: $3995.00
Special Combo Offer (ACCESS and EMPOWER): $6495

*Custom payment plans are available for all ELI programs

2019 Training Schedule

Sat. March 2nd | 7 am – 4 pm: Anatomy

Sun March 3rd | 7 am – 12 pm: Anatomy

Fri. March 8th | 5 pm – 9 pm: Advanced Teaching
Sat. March 9th | 7 am – 4 pm: Advanced Teaching
Sun. March 10th | 7 am – 4 pm: Advanced Teaching
Fri. March 22nd | 5 pm – 9 pm: Assisting
Sat. March 23rd | 7 am – 4 pm: Assisting

Sun. March 24th | 7 am – 4 pm: Assisting
Sat. March 30th | 7 am – 4 pm: Anatomy
Sun. March 31st | 7 am – 12 pm:

Fri. April 12th | 5 pm – 9 pm: Advanced Teaching
Sat. April 13th | 7 am – 4 pm: Advanced Teaching
Sun. April 14th | 7 am – 4 pm: Advanced Teaching
Fri. April 26nd | 5 pm – 9 pm: Assisting
Sat. April 27rd | 7 am – 4 pm: Assisting
Sun. April 28th  | 7 am – 4 pm: Assisting

Sat. May 18th | 7 am – 4 pm: Anatomy
Sun. May 19th | 7 am – Noon:

Fri. June 7th | 5 pm – 9 pm: Advanced Teaching
Sat. June 8th | 7 am – 4 pm: Advanced Teaching
Sun. June 9th | 7 am – 4 pm: Advanced Teaching
Fri. June 28th | 5 pm – 9 pm: Assisting
Sat. June 29th | 7 am – 4 pm: Assisting
Sun. June 30th | 7 am – 4 pm: Assisting

Sat. August 17th | 7 am – 4 pm: Anatomy
Sun. August 18th | 7 am – 12 pm:

Fri. Sept 13th | 5 pm – 9 pm: Advanced Teaching
Sat. Sept 14th | 7 am – 4 pm: Advanced Teaching
Sun. Sept 15th | 7 am – 4 pm: Advanced Teaching
Fri. Sept 27th | 5 pm – 9 pm: Assisting
Sat. Sept 28th | 7 am – 4 pm: Assisting
Sun. Sept 29th | 7 am – 4 pm: Assisting

Sat. Oct 12th | 7 am – 4 pm: Anatomy
Sun. Oct 13th | 7 am – 12 pm:

Fri. Nov 8th | 5 pm – 9 pm: Assisting
Sat. Nov 9th | 7 am – 3 pm: Assisting

Sun. Nov 10th | 7 am – 5 pm: Anatomy
Fri. Nov 15th | 5 pm – 9 pm: Advanced Teaching

Sat. Nov 16th | 7 am – 3 pm: Advanced Teaching

Evolution Learning Institute

The 100 hour Outreach program is designed to foster leadership by using the tools of yoga throughout our community to reduce conflict and build authentic connections. This is an opportunity to explore beyond a 200-hour teacher training and for anyone in a career that is connection and communication based: Education, Coaching, Guidance counselors, Public relations and more!

This training will evaluate patterns within oneself, uncover filters that subconsciously develop, and bring conscious awareness to the roles that you play. Through leading an outreach program you are given an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others through connection, listening, and language. We will work to soften fixed points of view in ourselves in order to nurture the same willingness in our students, encouraging them to see their own potential.

Outreach training will leave you with the tools to relate to the person, not the situation

Evolution Learning Institute

*Coming 2019

Advanced Teaching Training

Evolution Learning Institute

*Coming 2019

Advanced Teaching Training

Custom payment plans are available for all ELI Programs