Jenna ritter

200-RYT, 300-RYT, Baptiste Tier 1
ACCESS 250-Hour Teacher Training Leader, EMPOWER apprentice

Jenna began her Evolution journey in 2007 as a student at the York studio.  After participating in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program, Jenna was inspired to continue her personal growth and enrolled in the 2012 Intensive 200-Hour Teacher Training to earn her 200RYT certification which kicked off her teaching career at the Evolution Power Yoga York Studio. As Evolution continued to adjust and refine it’s 200-Hour Teacher Training after each cycle, Jenna re-enrolled in 2016 to complete the updated ACCESS 250-Hour Teacher Training.

What made you take the ACCESS Training Program?

I had gotten a lot of personal growth in the 40 Days program and wanted to continue that work. I also wanted to be able to empower and impact others by sharing yoga and my own discoveries within the practice.

What made you take the EMPOWER program?
I had recently received my Baptiste Tier 1 300-hour certification and wanted to take my personal growth from those trainings and translate it into my teaching through the skills I could develop in EMPOWER. I also wanted to be able to lead more trainings, and so EMPOWER was a way for me to step up my game as a leader. Another reason was to be part of a close-knit community of fellow TTs again; training friends are friends for life, and the people who took empower with me are a huge reason why I got so much out of it.
What do you love most about teaching?
Looking for and speaking to the nuances in each pose and in each student’s body so that the student can have a powerful practice. I get excited about seeing small changes and adjustments that make a big impact!
Why did you want to be a leader of the ACCESS program?
I wanted to lead programs because I know how much I personally got out of them and how much they impacted my teaching and my growth. I wanted to be able to help facilitate that kind of transformation in other people, and especially in people who are already teaching so that they can become even more impactful and inspiring teachers. It’s also inspiring to witness people in the training as they grow and discover their own gifts and skills.
How has yoga and your training(s) impacted your life?
My yoga practice and trainings have helped me learn how to love and care for myself better and  to be more authentically myself.  These areas of growth have impacted my relationships and communication with others, and overall have helped me to live a more centered, intentional life.  Being on my mat and staying in the work of the practice is a huge form of self-care for me.