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COVID 19 – How We’re Protecting your Yoga Practice

By Megan Waterfield

Note: This blog post is from 2020, we remain in accordance with the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 and our studio safety procedures may have changed at the time you are viewing this post. For most accurate procedures and policies, click here

Now is the time to commit to your practice – so how are we protecting you in the studio?

Times are weird.

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has put an interesting twist on exercising in gyms and studios, but rest assured, Evolution Power Yoga has you covered! We’ve added several procedures to our normal cleaning routine to ensure our studios are safe.

We’ve received a lot of questions about our new procedures and how they impact the yogi experience. Our founder, Lisa Taylor, has your questions answered. Check out our list of FAQs below, and never hesitate to contact us with any additional questions! 

Q: What cleaning procedures are in place at Evolution?

We have put the highest sanitation standards in place to keep the space clean and safe for everyone, including instructional videos. With these videos, people can walk through our updated cleaning process for each studio. Touchless thermometers, abundant hand sanitizer, liberal application of bleach, and Atmos Air units, Hospital-grade filtration systems, installed on the HVAC systems in the studios are some of the highlights visible in the videos as well as listed on the website.

Q: Does Evolution perform temperature checks on students and staff?

Each student is requested not to enter any studio without first knowing their temperature. Additionally, touchless thermometers at each entryway are encountered upon every visit. Our staff reminds and reinforces the use of these safety measures before entry is available. Our staff is required to take and record their temperature in a log book upon entry into any studio regardless of their task or time within the space (teaching, managing, or simply picking something up etc).

Q: Can I Wear a mask during class?

Yes! Much of our staff has done so and checked their pulse oxygen at intervals throughout the practice. In fact, many mentioned that they really didn’t even find any noticeable difference in their experience once they settled into the practice.

Q: How do I register for the class?

We ask that all yogis please register online before each class. It helps with a number of the new processes we have in place and has always made our systems work smoother for the customer experience. You can register right up to the last minute. As we come into our traditional busy season, pre-registration ensures you a space in class, especially now that we have limited the number of bodies in the studio, so we recommend booking ahead of time. 

Q: Something came up and I can no longer make class. How can I cancel my spot?

You can cancel your spot the same way you registered. It’s easiest by navigating to our webstore and logging in to your account to do so!

Q: Should I check-in to class ahead of time?

We recommend that you do to ensure you have a spot. It is possible to drop in, and our teacher will accept you into the class if there is space. However, they will remind you to pre-sign up in the future.

Q: Can I borrow or rent a mat, block, or strap during class?

In order to uphold the highest sanitation possible, we no longer loan or rent equipment. We have removed this equipment from the studio to create as much open space as possible, therefore, the teacher cannot even make special exceptions. Please remember to bring your own equipment to class.

Q: Are bathrooms and showers open for use?

They are! However, remember to bring your own towel and toiletries. We are not supplying any of those items at this time.

Q: Will I be able to maintain a 6-foot distance from the teacher and other students?

Yes, you will!  Each mat space has been measured and taped off to allow that, from nose to nose, there is exactly 6 feet. If you feel more comfortable with more space between you and others, attend classes where there are fewer participants signed up for class. 

Q: Will I be notified is there is a confirmed case of COVID 19 at the studio?

The CDC recommends notifying primary contacts. If you attended class with a person who notifies us that they tested positive, you will be notified as a primary contact. We will not share the name of the individual who tested positive. Additionally, if an individual tests positive, contact tracers from LGH and the Department of Health will likely involve themselves in your notice, separate from Evolution Power Yoga and its communication systems. Please let us know if you have been to class and tested positive. Do not attend class if you are awaiting results of a test or are experiencing symptoms.

It can be beneficial to strategize with those you live with, what the actions are that you will take if someone in your household does become symptomatic or tests positive, or is impacted by being a primary contact to someone who is positive. Know how you will respond as a unit and be aware of what a primary contact, secondary contact, quarantine, and isolation all mean to you.

Lastly, if you are not comfortable in the studios, you do not have to give up your practice!

We have a full schedule of virtual classes we deliver via Zoom that are the same structure as a studio class and on a see me see you basis between you and the instructor. If you do not wish to have your camera on, no problem, but our instructors love the ability to see and speak to students throughout the practice – so they would be appreciative!

And if scheduled classes just don’t fit into your life schedule, we have our on-demand platform, EvolutionGO, offering a variety of classes, courses, and skillwork that you can access at a time that suits you best. We look forward to seeing you on your mat either way! 

For more information on our COVID-19 procedures, click here

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