classes & Descriptions



Socially distanced (6 feet head to head) classes held in the studio. Depending on the class, these may or may not be heated.

Heated classes: the thermostat is set to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to warm your muscles up faster allowing you to go deeper into poses and your practice in a shorter amount of time, and encourages detoxification.

these are indicated on the schedule with 🏢 if you are booking through Mindbody


live zoom classes

These are live zoom classes (set schedule) where you practice in real-time with other virtual members. The instructor can see you and can communicate with you in real-time to offer individualized cues, celebrate milestones, and create virtual connections.

You have the option of keeping your camera on or off and your microphone is muted upon entry. Links to these classes are sent via email 30-minutes prior to the start of class.

*If you are a first-time yoga practitioner with little to no familiarity of pose names and form these may not be ideal for first-time classes.

these are indicated on the schedule with 💻 if you are booking through Mindbody

evolution go


Anytime, anywhere access to recorded on-demand content. Our video-on-demand (VOD) platform offers a robust library of whole-life wellness content including yoga, meditation, nutrition and wellness, workshops, series, self-development and inquiry, methodology and more. 

This is an excellent supplement to your in-studio/virtual practice offering you the opportunity to practice and experiment with things you otherwise don’t get the opportunity to in a class setting, as well as easily work healthy practices into your daily routine to create and maintain lifelong balance and wellness both on and off the mat.

Best of all, you are in complete control so no matter where you are in the world, what time of day or night, or how busy your life schedule is, you can still practice.



heated to 90°F 🌡️

Meet our signature class. Led in the internationally celebrated Baptiste Journey Into Power sequence, powerful, fluid movement lives at the heart of this physical practice. 

This is accessible to all levels of experience and ability because the sequence and poses can be modified to scale your practice up or down depending on your desired level of intensity.

While the sequence remains the same, each vinyasa class comes uniquely served based on the instructor and others attending the class.

express jip

virtual only

Our standard Journey Into Power (JIP) class condensed into a 30-minute timeframe. This is a faster-paced class with only 1-2 breaths per pose.

*This class is only offered virtually

yoga ignite

heated to 90°F 🌡️

A favorite for those who are looking to add some challenge and tapas to their practice!

This HIIT style vinyasa incorporates the use of resistance bands and free weights. Explore the Journey into Power sequenced from a new perspective – one that cultivates inner strength, mental power, and fiery lightness that will have you smiling and sweating by the end of practice.

What you’ll need: 3 – 5 lbs weights (you can also use household objects of approximately this weight), a set of resistance bands, your mat, a strap, and a block

these are indicated on the schedule with 🔥 if you are booking through mindbody



Relax + Unwind with this slow, gentle flow. With the help of props (blocks, cushions + sandbags) this class takes you through poses aimed to ease you into alignment, increase circulation, and perfectly open your body. 

Restorative express

virtual only

A relaxing and rejuvenating 30-minute restorative practice offered virtually during the evening – it’s the BEST thing to way wind down from the day and prep for a great night’s sleep!

community class

donation based

Share You. Contribute to something bigger. We are passionate about creating change not only within but beyond the studio walls.

Our weekly Saturday Community class is donation-based with proceeds directly supporting A.I.M. to Empower, our local 501C3 non-profit organization.