fingers to toes forward fold

My 40 Days Diary: Week 1

The 40 Days Diaries: Week One By: Megan Donnelly This week marked my immersion in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program at Evolution. 40 Days is

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Meet Domenico!

Ciao, I’m Domenico Vincenti. I was born in Orvieto on 4th October 1992 from a Brazilian mother and an Italian father. I have 1 brother

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seated forward fold

Yoga for the Run

Author: Judy Richwine I started the New Year off in Arizona with my husband, Gary, where we did a race called “Across the Years”.  We

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hands to heart center starting yoga class

Why choose 40 Days?

40 Days to Revolution with Evolution This new year we will be hosting our most popular program, 40 Days to Personal Revolution. We recommend this

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smiling during flip dog

Why Baptiste yoga?

This question was asked of me by a student the other day.  She specifically wanted to know why we worked from the same sequence every

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