Lisa Taylor teaching 2018

Do Yoga, Change the World.

Being up to living a life of possibility doesn’t mean your life as it exists now isn’t worthy of transformation, needs to change in some way, or is wrong. Instead, consider your life as the practice to show up to regularly and consistently, then go deep.

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The Abyss

I have survived the abyss, one that I wouldn’t have without my years of yoga practice.

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happy face employee

Workplace Wellness: What is it and why is it important?

Workplace wellness goes by many names, but what do programs like that really look like and why should employers be making these a priority for their business? There are all kinds of options for employers to consider when offering a benefits program for their workers. From memberships to personalized sessions the possibilities can seem limitless.

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virtual yoga class

4 Benefits of an At-Home Yoga Practice

I love feeling seen and like I’m still part of the group during a live Zoom class and I love the chance to pick which Evolution GO class I want to take based on a theme or a particular teacher. Having so many at-home options has really changed the way I show up to teach, because it has given me the space to explore my own body and practice so I can take that learning to my students.

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