ambassador program

Who is an Evolution Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors are Evolution Power Yoga members who are creating change in their communities by taking the practices and principles of yoga off of the mat and into their lives, elevating and inspiring themselves and those around them.

kait and irena at front desk of studio

How they shape us

Our Ambassadors are a reflection of ourselves, helping us continually grow, evolve and continue to rise to our next level through their feedback and support.

How they shape our community

Evolution Ambassadors introduce others to the community and share the practice with others as an access to discovering their greatest potential.

yoga teachers talking

Studio Ambassadors

We are all about creating connection: physically, emotionally, socially – and our Studio Ambassadors are the keystone to creating these connections beyond our studio walls.

They are leaders in their communities and passionate about uplifting others to their greatest possibility through movement, presence, and self-discovery.

They have experienced what is possible through a yoga practice and introduce others so that they may experience the same.