spreading yoga throughout the community

A.I.M. to Empower

Using the power of practice, we intend to build unity through our outreach programs, as well as throughout our entire yoga community.

We are a 501(c)3 organization, formed through the passions of Evolution and its community. Rooted in the practices and techniques of Baptiste yoga–Asana, Inquiry, and Meditation–we have big dreams of uniting our community through yoga, meditation, and self-discovery. Yoga has elevated our lives and inspired us as individuals, and now we are driven to share those experiences by making yoga accessible for all. We are dedicated to taking yoga out of the studio, uniting neighborhoods, and building community through the power of practice.

Our Mission

To generate positive sustainable change and cultural unity within our community by empowering individuals and organizations through the foundations of yoga.

Our Core Values


We are consistent and sincere in our word. We believe that our character defines us, and we live by our values.


We create community by embracing others of both similar and different backgrounds. We believe in being a catalyst for creating harmony and solidarity within communities.


We believe that providing others with access to yoga we are establishing a platform for success and sustainability within our community.


We are open to possibility and we believe that anything is achievable. What is possible for you?