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The Evolution Power Yoga Way 

Evolution Power Yoga is an inclusive Community that inspires and empowers through transformation and awareness. 

As a participant in our Community, I will: 

1. LISTEN GENEROUSLY. I am fully engaged and avoid distractions (i.e. cell phones/email/side conversations) when I communicate with Evolution Power Yoga students and staff. I am present in my listening and am aware of how my words land with others. 

2. SPEAK HONESTLY & DIRECTLY. I speak clearly with integrity and positive intentions. I speak about what I know and have the ability to say, “I do not know.” I speak up when I have a contribution or concern, and I do not gossip about those in the community. 

3. SUPPORT MY COMMUNITY. I empower the Evolution Power Yoga community by holding space for its members to reach their fullest potential. I understand that each teammate is responsible for his or her own personal journey, and I allow them the opportunity to be who they Evolution Learning Institute, Updated 6/11/2019 

are now not who I think they have been in the past. I attend classes at the studio and give constructive feedback to my instructors & peers. I make an effort to participate in community events when I am available. 

4. HONOR MY COMMITMENTS. I believe in and uphold my participation in this teacher training program. 

5. ACKNOWLEDGE & APPRECIATE OTHERS. I value the efforts and contributions made to my community by all Evolution Power Yoga staff, instructors, and students. I show my peers respect by allowing them to focus on their work while they are “on the clock,” and show gratitude through my actions and my words. 

6. EMPOWER & INSPIRE. I actively create and generate the Evolution Power Yoga community and give of myself without expecting more in return. I am dedicated to my own growth and know that I empower myself by empowering those around me. I am generous with my community and will share its value with others.