All training dates and hours must be attended in order to successfully complete the training, as well as receiving a minimum of 80% on all exams. If there is a date that you are unable to attend, days/weekends can be made up in a current training at another studio (Spring: Lancaster, Summer: Harrisburg, Fall: York) or the following cycle of your studio’s program.
Successful completion of this program allows you to register under Yoga Alliance 200RYT

TUITION: $3495
A $1000 non-refundable deposit is required to be enrolled in the program. The remaining $2495 must be paid off by the 4th weekend of the Training. Custom payment plans are available (see below for examples). Be prepared to tell us how you will be making the remaining payments (cash, check, credit card (5% processing fee must be applied to credit card payments))

Tuition that is paid in full upon time of enrollment will receive a $250 discount

PAYMENT PLANS: Example prices are after the $1000 non-refundable downpayment is made. Please add a 5% processing fee for payments made via credit card.
15-month payment plan: $166/month
8-month payment plan: $311.87
6-month payment plan: $415.83
4-month payment plan: $623.75

Unlimited yoga for the duration of the program at all studio locations: Lititz, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg
Harrisburg Program: tuition includes 8-months of unlimited yoga effective the first day of the training and will remain active for the remaining months after program is complete contingent upon successful completion of the program.

Early Bird Special: $500 off tuition

To receive the early bird discount, you must enroll 9 months out from the program start date. (ie: program start date is April 3rd, the deadline to enroll to receive the early bird discount is August 3rd.) This discount cannot be combined with any other discount with the exception of the pay in full $250 discount – see above)

Century Club Member Discount: this discount is available for 1 year after you make Century Club status. (ie: if you complete century club at the end of 2019, you have the discount available for the 2020 trainings. This can only be combined with the pay in full discount prior to enrollment – see above)
100 classes complete: $350 off tuition
200 classes complete: $650 off tuition

Discounts cannot be combined unless specified otherwise and are not available to those already enrolled in the program.