ACCESS 250-hour enrollment


STEP 1: Complete the registration form below in its entirety. If you have a discount code, enter that in the discount code field. Once complete, click submit. 

STEP 2: Complete your $1000 deposit for enrollment by clicking the “pay deposit” button. If you chose to pay in full (option #1), click the “pay in full” button to complete your full payment, and enter PAYINFULL at the checkout screen to receive your $250 off.

 Option #1: Pay in full (complete this payment at the bottom of this application after submitting)
Option #2: Pay in Full by Program Start. Down payment of $1,000 with the remaining balance due by the first weekend of the program.
Option #3: 5 PAYMENTS, in the amount of $520 will be made on the FIRST OR FIFTEENTH of each month beginning [the next calendar month] and ending [4 months from the initial month of payment] and paid via credit card. Remaining amount due must be paid in full no later than the sixth week of training.
Option #4: Custom Payment plan (speak to EPY manager)

After submitting your enrollment form, pay your $1,000 deposit below to complete your enrollment process. If you are setting up a custom payment plan, a program manager will contact you after your deposit is paid.

If you choose to pay in full, click the pay in full button below and enter code PAYINFULL at checkout to receive your discount.

ACCESS 250-Hour Program: $3,600.00

A Non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 is due upon signing of the enrollment agreement.  We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

Pay in full discount: $250 off tuition. The pay in full discount is available to those who pay tuition in full ($1000 deposit + $2,405) upon application and enrollment into the program.

Century Club Member Discount:
$350 off tuition: Available to those who complete 100 Evolution Power Yoga classes (in-studio &/or live-virtual) within the current or previous calendar year.
$650 off tuition: Available to an individual who completes 200 Evolution Power Yoga classes (in-studio or live-virtual) within the current or previous calendar year.

Suggested reading materials and text to support the Anatomy component of the program are not included in the cost of tuition.

Evolution Learning Institute makes a substantial commitment of personnel and other resources to provide the Evolution Learning Institute teacher training program to the enrolled applicant.  An applicant may ONLY withdraw from the program if written or electronic notice of the withdrawal is received by Evolution Power Yoga no later than 72 hours following the submission of the enrollment agreement and prior to ten days before the start of the program. 

If unforeseen circumstances prevent participation in the current program, the paid funds may be applied to enrollment in a later session of the same program.

Emergencies and pre-planned events, communicated at the time of enrollment, must be approved by your training leader(s). If you are absent to program you will be responsible for making up the missed content via recorded content of the weekend/portion missed prior to the completion of your program. You will not receive your credentialing certificate until the hours are completed.

The Evolution Power Yoga Way 

Evolution Power Yoga is an inclusive community that inspires and empowers through transformation and awareness. 

As a participant in our Community, I will: 

1. LISTEN GENEROUSLY. I am fully engaged and avoid distractions (i.e. cell phones/email/side conversations) when I communicate with Evolution Power Yoga students and staff. I am present in my listening and am aware of how my words land with others. 

2. SPEAK HONESTLY & DIRECTLY. I speak clearly with integrity and positive intentions. I speak about what I know and have the ability to say, “I do not know.” I speak up when I have a contribution or concern, and I do not gossip about those in the community. 

3. SUPPORT MY COMMUNITY. I empower the Evolution Power Yoga community by holding space for its members to reach their fullest potential. I understand that each teammate is responsible for his or her own personal journey, and I allow them the opportunity to be who they Evolution Learning Institute, Updated 6/11/2019 

are now not who I think they have been in the past. I attend classes at the studio and give constructive feedback to my instructors & peers. I make an effort to participate in community events when I am available. 

4. HONOR MY COMMITMENTS. I believe in and uphold my participation in this teacher training program. 

5. ACKNOWLEDGE & APPRECIATE OTHERS. I value the efforts and contributions made to my community by all Evolution Power Yoga staff, instructors, and students. I show my peers respect by allowing them to focus on their work while they are “on the clock,” and show gratitude through my actions and my words. 

6. EMPOWER & INSPIRE. I actively create and generate the Evolution Power Yoga community and give of myself without expecting more in return. I am dedicated to my own growth and know that I empower myself by empowering those around me. I am generous with my community and will share its value with others. 

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