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5 Important Factors when Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

A Yoga Teacher Training is an investment of both time and money. And there are a lot of training programs to choose from out there, so how do you decide which one is right for you?

A Yoga Teacher Training is an investment of both time and money. And there are a lot of training programs to choose from out there, so how do you decide which one is right for you?

We’ve narrowed down 5 important factors to consider when deciding where to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training so you can choose a program that is both qualified and fits your personal needs.

#1: Curriculum

When reviewing Yoga Teacher Training curriculums, you need to have an understanding of your intended goal outcome is so that you can choose which format and breadth of focus are right for you. There are generally 2 types of curriculums: an enrichment curriculum; one where you learn many styles and subjects and leave with a general understanding of them, or a focused curriculum; one that is centered around a singular style, movement, or methodology resulting in a specific outcome.

#2: Results Promised

Does the training make a promise of the outcome or a guaranteed result? Is it a registered or certified Yoga teacher training? Will it enrich your practice in yoga? Will it lead to a valuable job skill (yoga or otherwise)? Will it enrich just the yoga aspect of your life, or is it going to impact you off the mat as well, in your entire life (career, relationships, community)?! Look at what the training is promising versus what you are looking to get out of your training.

#3: Job Training

Will the Teacher Training give you the foundational skills in a decentralized way that you will have the tools and knowledge to successfully teach a yoga class in any studio, regardless of the style or affiliation. Or is it a Training that will give you the training and skill to teach in a specific studio or style? Does the training program promise job training skills that meet the needs of what you intend to do with your certification in the business of yoga; how to promote your classes, how to create relationships with students and build a following, how to manage a studio or class, how to work within a team?

#4: Logistics

Often overlooked, it’s important to understand the finances, the course schedule, and what is expected of you throughout the training. Is there a contract agreement in place for the program to set the expectations for you and the teacher training? How is the curriculum delivered (in-person, virtually, self-paced), and does that fit with your style of learning? Is there a payment plan offered if you can’t pay in full? These are just some of the logistics to compare.

#5: Experience Levels of the Training Leaders

Look into the leaders of the training and their background of education, teaching, and practicing. Do they stay in the learning themselves? How long has the training been in existence? What is the background or experience of the person that created the training curriculum? Determine if the leader’s training aligns with the outcome you are looking for.

Now, it’s time to compare and decide

This investment is a life-empowering decision. When deciding on your program, be sure to check in with yourself to be sure you are basing your decisions on the desired outcome and quality of the program versus little wins such as lowest cost. These items mentioned above; curriculum, results promised, job training, logistics, and experience levels of the program leaders are just 5 of the key points to look at when shopping for the Teacher Training that is right for you.

You can listen Lisa Taylor, Owner and Founder of Evolution Power Yoga with over 5,000 hours of yoga training experience, speak on these 5 keys things to consider when choosing which training is right for you, here.

You can find more information about the Evolution Learning Institute and how our core 5 Teacher Training Programs tackle each of these key factors to assure a solid program and result here.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a call today to connect with the Evolution Learning Institute Program Manager, Ruby Lou, to learn more about how we address each of these 5 points with our training programs offered and what you can expect if you choose to enroll in one of our Teacher Training Programs

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