40 Days

Our most popular program, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, based on the Baron Baptiste book, is a life-changing exploration in personal accountability and authenticity.

Every January and April!

The Program

At its core, our program teaches you to take the time to extensively reflect on all aspects of yourself – your consciousness, your defaults, your thought patterns, your yoga practice, and your life overall. In addition to your own personal yoga practice and meditation, you’ll join our supportive group for a weekly meeting to review program materials, relate and connect, and be in choice in how you continue your own personal journey. 

By creating a healthy living pattern that serves you in obtaining your goals and values, in addition to daily self-inquiry, you will discover a renewed source of energy and awareness that will impact your overall way of being, while opening your eyes to new possibilities and personal empowerment.

Already taken 40 Days? The beauty of this program is that you can participate over and over; each time discovering something new about yourself or focusing on a different area. While the core structure of the program remains the same, different perspective and experiences are added depending on who is leading and the community participating.

Each Week includes:

  • A daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Exploration and discussion of the 12 Laws + a weekly theme
  • Accountability and encouragement from program participants and leaders
  • A weekly 1.5-hour group meeting
    • Guided meditation
    • Large group discussion and small group shares and inquiry work
    • Journey into Power: Pose & integration workshopping
  • Principles to bring balance and awareness into your life; from what you put into your body, your personal self-care routine, defaults in thinking patterns and actions, relationships with yourself and others, and your overall way of being.
  • Instruction to begin and deepen your meditation practice
  • Excavation questions to encourage curiosity, self-reflection, and exploration