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  1. Hello 40 Day participants!!! Iā€™m so excited again to be leading another 40 days to Personal Revolution Program! I look forward to seeing you all Monday and getting into the work with all of you!!

  2. Hi 40 Days fam! My name is Kait Linton and I am leading the Lancaster and virtual meetings for our group this fall. I am SO excited to be in the work with each one of you – especially since we have this hub where we can connect and access some great tools that support us on our personal revolution. Here’s to week 1!

  3. Hello 40 days participants!

    I was so excited to get to meet you all this evening in the Lancaster in-studio and virtual groups!

    I just got in my first 40 Days to Personal Revolution practice in for this week; our homework was 20 minutes of asana each and every day and the theme this week is presence. I missed the 20-minute marker by about 10 minutes (I call these bonus minutes) but I wanted to share the practice with all of you in case you need a little extra support to get going šŸ˜€

  4. Hi team – curious if the Evolution Go includes live classes? If not, do we just pay per class fee? Thanks

    1. Hey Missy! Currently, all content on evolutionGO is on-demand. If you want to take live classes you can either pay by the class or check out one of the class pass or membership options. Live virtual and in-studio classes are available šŸ™‚

  5. HI team – just wondering if the evolution go includes live virtual classes or can we participate paying per class? Thanks

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