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10 Best Gifts for any Yogi in 2020

Looking for the best gifts of 2020 for the yogi in your life? We've got you covered with our top 10 picks!

This past year has proven that investing in your health and well-being is a priority to fighting off stress, anxiety, illness, and just getting a break from everything going on around you now that your World has likely shrunken to the size of your living quarters or workspace. Lucky for you, we specialize in keeping the peace and sanity in people’s lives and minds.

So we’re here to give you our top 10 picks so you can get the perfect gift for the yogi in your life (or drop a hint to someone else if you are that yogi) because if you know yoga, you know its more than just an hour on a mat: its a lifestyle

1. Yoga Prop Trifecta

Mats $46-165, Straps $18, Blocks $18-24
Mat, Strap & Block – these are essentials to take any home or studio practice to the next level. Brands available: Jade, Manduka, Liforme

Available in-studio & for pick-up; contact us or call 717-391-1060 to order over the phone

2. Liforme Mat


We love this mat for so many reasons; it’s thin, it has phenomenal grip, the colors are great, and the alignment markers are AMAZING for fine tuning an established practice or building a foundation for those just starting off! Hello self-assists! (Did we mention it comes with its own mat bag?)

Available in studio and for pick-up, contact us or call 717-391-1060 to order over the phone

4. EvolutionGO Subscription

$8.99 + up

A full library of all-levels on-demand wellness content ranging from yoga and meditation to series and specialized (like a full prenatal JIP sequence!). BONUS: we will be launching a new subscription level in 2021 that will include health, nutrition, livestream and more!

5. Manduka unBLOK


Eco-friendly (made from recycled foam), functional design (its curved features provide spine support – fish pose never felt so good), high density (firm yet soft) – this block is revolutionary.

Available in-studio & for pick-up; contact us or call 717-391-1060 to order over the phone

6. Private Yoga


Private Yoga offers so many possibilities; a built to suit personalized practice, an opportunity to skill work (hello handstands!), a fun new couples activity, prenatal and more. With so many options; one on one, small group or large group, at home virtually or in a studio setting, this a versatile gift for any yogi or yogi to be.

7. Mat Spray

Manduka $18, Jade $14

Clean + protect: These mat sprays are specially formulated for use on hot yoga mats. Eco-friendly, natural, and plant based. The Manduka mat wash is formulated with essential oils to freshen as it cleans, and Jade donates a bar of soap to a person in need for every bottle Jade of mat spray purchased.

Available in-studio

8. Sparkle

Bra $28, Leggings $42

Nothing says Holiday Cheer like some shimmer and shine. These foil accent pieces bring bold and beautiful into one show stopping outfit that will keep up with any workout.

Available in-studio and online

9. Yogitoes


This skidless Yoga Mat Towel by Manduka takes your foundation from sweaty and slippy to grippy. Silicone nubs help grip the towel to your mat and the absorbent fabric keeps you grounded in sweaty and dry conditions – plus its machine washable. Don’t need a full towel? Grab the equa hand towel ($

Available in-studio & for pick-up; contact us or call 717-391-1060 to order over the phone

10. Gift Card

Available in any amount

And when all of these choices leave you more confused than when you started – you can play it safe with a gift card! Available in any amount and versatile for use (clothing, class packages, tuition for a training program, private yoga, props…) A gift card to Evolution Power Yoga is an access to personal discovery, presence, health and well-being.

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