What To Expect

Wear Comfortable Workout Clothes.

Something you’ll feel free to stretch + sweat in.

Don’t Worry About Shoes.

We practice in bare feet.

Bring a Yoga Mat, Towel, Block, Strap + Water.

All of these items are available to rent or purchase at the studio.

Check In at the Front Desk.

Say hello, fill out a new student form, and get a quick tour.

 Leave Bags, Phones, Shoes +Personal Items in the Cubbies.

Life is full of distractions; we try and keep them outside the practice space. We recommend leaving valuables outside of the studio either at home or a secure and non-visible area in your car.


Not Sure of Something? Just Ask.

We are here to serve. Identify EPY Team Members by name-tags. Want an insider view? Our seasoned students love to share their experience!