Brand Manager, Lititz Studio Manager, BA Graphic Design and Communication


Astrological Sign: Aries

Level/ Position: Studio Manager, Graphic Designer, Social Media and Marketing Manager

I’ve been practicing since: 2015

I’m passionate about: Creativity, music, embracing one’s unique quirks and qualities. Humor. Penguins.

A Favorite Quote: be curious, not judgmental.

What it means to me: Seek to know more rather than creating your own story. Everyone has a past, a journey, and a fight all their own. Who are we as an outsider to label another with our opinion without experiencing their life ourselves?

What you should know about me: Born and raised in Lancaster. I graduated from Millersville with a BA in Graphic Design and Communication in 2012.  I belong in a warm weather climate and near a body of water, preferably clear and blue, surrounded by sand and shells. There I am happy. I appreciate a shared sense of humor, life shouldn’t be so serious.