Liz T.

Liz T.


200 RYT

Level Intern

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

I’ve been practicing yoga since: 2008

I’ve been teaching yoga since: 2016

How the Evolution Community inspires me: Evolution is a place that’s more than just a studio. It’s where people can inspire, grow, laugh and learn more about ourselves and one another.

I’m passionate about: My daughter, Ada, my husband, Adam and our family in Chicago. Balance in life and giving back to others.

Favorite quote: “He’s your lobster” – Pheobe (from Friends) & “when they go low, we go high.” Michelle Obama

What it means to be me: The Friends quote I’ve loved for years about finding “the one” and my husband equally loves Friends as much as I do. In fact, our wedding cake topper was 2 purple lobsters. The Michelle Obama quote means that positivity and taking the high road is always the winning option.

What you should know about me: My husband and I are from Chicago and moved to Lancaster with our young daughter in 2015 in order for my husband to pursue his dream job of working in academics (from being a corporate lawyer). This life event inspired me to pursue my passion in teaching yoga. Prior to teaching, I worked many years in digital media sales in NYC and Chicago. After my daughter was born, I followed my heart to stay home with her and she’s been my best “client” of all. But I firmly believe there’s something so rewarding in giving back to others through yoga and I love the balance of my “mommy” time with her and my adult/ teaching time with the yoga community.