Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Level: 1

I’ve been teaching since: February 2016

I’m passionate about: People and hearing their stories.  I’ve always had this passion but when Yoga was re-introduced into my life in 2015 I really realized how much I love helping others in a different way than my work and community volunteering.

A Favorite Quote: “When the tides of life have upset your boat, don’t waste your time on all the tears just lie on your back and float.” – unknown

What it means to me: Give yourself the time to grieve, be upset and be confused.  However, push yourself to step away from the shift in your life to see a different perspective.  Everything truly happens for a reason and you can find that reason easier if you breathe with the change in tides.

What you should know about me: My daughter is my free-spirit foundation, reminding me to look at everything as if it’s the first time and enjoy the discovery.  I am a designer and have worked in the design industry since I was 15 years old.  I’ve always known I wanted to change the way people experience environments, life and each other.