Event Descriptions

Can’t get enough?

Beyond the daily class schedule, we offer skill shops – two-hour specialized technical training programs – and special events that let you to delve deeper into the practice of yoga and strengthen your bond within our community. From technical skills + anatomy to leadership + empowerment, you can develop the tools necessary to bring your life into its greatest possibility.

Our most polular…

40 Days to A Personal Revolution

Our most popular program, 40 Days to a Personal Revolution, based on the Baron Baptiste book, is a life-changing exploration in personal accountability and authenticity. In addition to your own personal yoga practice and meditation, you’ll join our supportive group for a weekly meeting to uncover your personal power and let go of that which doesn’t serve you. Discover tools to bring balance and positivity into your nutritional and personal wellness routine to aid in successfully fulfilling your own needs. By immersing yourself in positive, balanced living and self-inquiry, you will discover a new source of energy and awareness that will impact your relationship with both yourself and others.

Bring A Friend Week

Many people remark that their lives change through the practice of yoga. Do you have people in your life with whom you would like to share the journey of yoga? For one week in March, August, and November introduce your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to the yoga experience.  Bring them to class with you and make it your gift with our support. Bring them as many times as you like in that week. There is no cost for your guest.

Meditation Skill Shop

LET’S SIT + GROW ROOTS. Gain insight into yourself and how you respond to the world.  Meditation (one of the three primary practice techniques of Baptiste Yoga) is a simple + powerful tool that builds self-awareness and creates space to live in response to life, rather than reacting to it. “Sitting” is a trainable skill, valuable + accessible to all. Its not for the lucky, it is for the committed. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a soft, raised seat for practice (two blocks or a meditation cushion).

War of the Roses Challenge

We know, it breaks all the rules to have yogi’s compete, and we do it anyway, because who can’t resist a little mid-summer community-generating competition. Our annual July intra-studio challenge features the White Rose Studio of York versus the Red Rose Studio of Lancaster. We track attendance for the month, and the studio with the greatest percentage of attendance takes the glory and trophy for another year.

Family Yoga

Yoga is meant to be fun and who better to have fun with than your family? We price it by the group so no need to leave out the baby! Bring your whole family and interact together through yoga. Family yoga is offered various times throughout the year. Private group classes are available for girl scouts, boy scouts, birthday parties, etc.

Century Club

Attend 100 yoga classes at Evolution during the calendar year, beginning every January 1, and become part of the Century Club.  Be one of the first two students who reach 100 classes in a year (1 in York, 1 in Lancaster) and receive a studio celebration. All names of those receiving this status are posted in each studio.